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Convergence of Aesthetics, Feng Shui, and Practicality when It Comes to Building Stairs: A Talent of New York's LK & Sons

Bringing in a centerpiece that brings the space together, LK & Sons is the best team to consider when seeking for a Feng Shui-friendly and practically built New York stairs.


Brooklyn, NY -- (SBWIRE) -- 09/23/2014 -- Why are spiral staircases or grand staircases bad for Feng Shui? Despite the aesthetics spiral staircases bring, Feng Shui believers are still against this style.

Why Is It Considered “Bad”

Feng Shui experts oppose spiral staircases with the belief that such style is similar to a corkscrew excavating into a specific fragment of the bagua in the office or home. It was believed that families living in a home with such stair design usually encounter health issues associated with heart or blood pressure illnesses. The “Chi” which is the innate flowing vigor from rising to higher points are prevented with spiral staircase designs because of the empty space connecting each step.

People who have spiral staircases at home or in their offices and are Feng Shui -conscious usually find themselves creatively devising ways on how to repel the “negative energy” surrounding the design. The most common strategy used by many is via covering the openings of the steps with a wood, then have it covered by a carpet. It is also believed that the use of neutral colors in the stairs opening covers is brings in energy. In working against the “descending corkscrew energy, it is advisable to use plants and lighting wherein the plants cause the energy to move uphill and the light pointing upward from the bottom.

Grand staircases which we usually see in hotels and in luxury homes are also believed to bring in perils according to Feng Shui due to its spherical nature wherein energy flowing up at the left side of the staircase (which is considered as the “family area”) emanates and flows down to the right side of the staircase (which is considered as the “creative area”). The danger is that it bypasses half of the Bagua’s second floor.

To repel the harmful energy grand staircases bring, adding a red rug right at the top of the right staircase is advisable to halt the energy from flowing back downward. Seeing huge chandeliers above vestibules and glistening chandeliers at the upper floors where two staircases converge has in fact have a Feng Shui purpose. Upward sconce lights along staircases and tall trees at the bottom and some ivies along the frames both help in persuading “Chi” upward.

Of course, not all people believe in Feng Shui. But it is never harmful to consider these “energies” when working with a staircase builders to ensure not only the aesthetics of the staircase that will be built, but also in encouraging appropriate flow of energy. LK & Sons, one of the pioneering New York stairs builders, is one team who are well-experienced and knowledgeable when it comes to stairs customization. They have such talent of enhancing the elements of a space that exceeds the expectations of their clients and surpasses what a staircase is normally intended to accomplish.

Bringing in a centerpiece that brings the space together, LK & Sons is the best team to consider when seeking for a Feng Shui-friendly and practically built New York stairs.

About L.K. & Sons
L.K. and Sons was founded in 1995 by Lulzim Kupi, who mastered the trade after immigrating from Albania to Queens NY in 1990. Now, 19 years later, it has grown to 8 master craftsmen, including Drin and Mem, the sons of Kupi.

Building customized hand-crafted stairs for architects, construction companies, and private owners across the tri-state area, our clients experience the benefit of our ability to deliver on large-scale projects while still maintaining the collaborative nature of a family-owned business. Our experience shows in the details of our work, done with the greatest precision, and the high quality of the materials we use. Nothing is overlooked and no shortcuts are taken. The finished product is a unique and custom-made staircase that takes the original vision of our clients to new heights.