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Conversation Club Evaluates Conversation Program with Private Therapy Clinics

Conversation Club is revising their whole program with the help of clinical psychologists to help people deal with social anxieties around conversation.


London, UK -- (SBWIRE) -- 10/31/2013 -- Many people experience different levels of social anxiety, and most will admit to some inelegant attempts at conversation in unfamiliar company. The situation is such that great conversationalists are lauded and envied, and their popularity assured, because they have developed this skill. Conversation Club is a London-based service that offers courses in making great conversation, overcoming anxieties and building confidence. They are currently evaluating their service with clinical psychological consultants to identify the strengths and weaknesses of the course.

Having completed their first term the Conversation Club have researched the data on levels of anxiety for their clients at the start of the course and at the end, as well as detailed evaluations of what clients have gained and developed. This information is being analysed with Private Therapy Clinics to optimise the program and increase the benefit of its provision in time for the new term beginning in 2014.

The course lasts eight weeks and is devised and taught by experts in improvisation and voice coaching, taking the skills learned as professional actors and applying them to spontaneous situations has given them the keys to easy confidence that in reality requires no acting at all.

A spokesperson for conversation club explained, “Conversation club was designed to help people answer fundamental questions about the success they observe in others and then emulate that success for themselves within individual and group conversations. The course identifies what makes for interesting conversation, what makes a topic or person engrossing, how individuals convey charisma, what makes jokes funny, and more. We provide a safe space in which people can experiment and practice their conversation skills to develop a set of tools that will help them out in the real world. Evaluating our first program will allow us to continue to improve on our already high standards for the year ahead.”

About Conversation Club
Conversation club is combination of 10 years, notes, theories, stupid parties and drinking games all based around the big questions that make the difference between great conversationalists and the awkwardly silent. A course designed to guide people through the steps required to be more interesting and socially confident, and provide them with practice and experience to change behaviors. With its foundations in behavioural psychology, the course is designed to help you make positive lasting changes. For more information, please visit: http://conversationclub.co.uk/