Emma Caulfield

Conversion Therapy Gets Twist in Straight to Gay Camp Comedy

Kickstarter funding sought in final push to get "Break Your Straight", a comedy about straight to gay conversion camps, into production.


Los Angeles, CA -- (SBWIRE) -- 06/25/2013 -- Makers of a dark comedy about straight to gay conversion camps enter the final 10 days of their Kickstarter campaign to acquire funds to begin production. The film is called "Break Your Straight", and is being produced by 727 Productions. The brain child of actor Dustin Brooks, "Break Your Straight" takes place in an alternate reality where gay is normal, and straight is not. Brooks will play the main character who is forced into conversion therapy to make him gay.

The film has received a big thumbs-up of support from actress Emma Caufield (Buffy the Vampire Slayer), who helped the film's producer, Mark Leslie Ford of 727 Productions, reach a broader market for the Kickstarter campaign by hitting up her followers on her popular YouTube channel Essnemma.

While many states are making conversion therapy illegal to practice on minors, and "ex-gay" advocate Exodus International has closed its doors, the response of many local organizations supporting conversion therapy, sometimes called reparative therapy, is to stand their ground in the view of homosexuality as an aberrant condition. They say they will continue to offer conversion therapy where legal. Often these organizations are found in localities where being gay is especially difficult, and the pressure suffocating, even on adults, to change and conform.

Dustin Brooks, who is also a producing partner, wanted to develop a film that makes a serious point with comedic undertones, “It blows my mind that these conversion therapy camps exist in modern society. I looked at this problem and wanted to prove a point by flipping that concept on its head. Could you make a straight person gay by sending him or her to a straight conversion camp?”

"Break Your Straight" will be written by Lewaa Nasserdeen, directed by Tyler Glodt (The Eves, Buck Wild), and is set to begin filming in September with a late year release for submission to film festivals. This is the last 10 days of the funding campaign which can be found at the following web address:


Hollywood has always been at the forefront of spreading awareness and this film is just another example. Through social media and grass roots campaigns, they seek to produce a high quality film while creating an agent for change.

If you'd like more information about this film, or to schedule an interview with Dustin Brooks or Mark Leslie Ford, please call 323-829-1517 or e-mail breakyourstraight@gmail.com