Conversionpath Now Offering 3-Days Adobe Sitecatalyst User Training Course

ConversionPath is offering a range of short-term training courses to help corporates better understand the behaviour of their online visitors. It has now started a user training course in Adobe SiteCatalyst.


New Delhi, India -- (SBWIRE) -- 01/06/2014 -- ConversionPath, the New Delhi-based agency specialising in providing product-base and conceptual training programmes for corporates since 2010, has now started offering user training course in Adobe SiteCatalyst. The programme helps the user understand the art of interpreting the behaviour of an online consumer, thereby helping managers develop better sales strategy. The three-day user training course will help users explore the immense capabilities of Adobe SiteCatalyst, thereby empowering managers to make well-informed decisions about their products.

A senior executive with the company stated, “There is no denying that there is a staggering growth in competition on the internet. Businesses are trying to lure more consumers by offering their products and services at the most affordable prices. However, the rise in competition means that businesses have to make altogether new strategies to gain the attention of the consumers, and hence it becomes extremely important for them to understand the behaviour of their internet visitors, which is something that Adobe SiteCatalyst can easily help them with.”

The new training course offered by the agency, which runs for three days, helps the users determine the source of the visitor traffic, their overall behaviour on the internet and the performance of organic and paid keywords. The training will also help users analyse the performance of their paid online marketing campaign while helping managers optimise their marketing budget for better results. This great software tool also helps a user understand the navigational flow of a user, the type of content they love to read and most importantly understand ways to better conversion rates, which will definitely improve the bottom line of the company.

“Once a company knows about the preferences of their visitors, what they like to read and share on the internet and most importantly, what they like to purchase, sales and marketing managers can use all this information to better target their visitors by offering exactly what they are looking for. This way, businesses can make changes to their marketing strategy and spend money on their campaigns in a much better way. The software tool allows a manager to get involved with their internet visitors and hence explore their needs in a much better way,” further added the executive.

There is no denying that ecommerce is helping businesses target more consumers with products that are high in demand. However, to better sales, businesses have to better the interface of their own websites, by offering services or material that the consumers love to read to purchase. Once businesses understand user behaviour, they can easily make changes to their strategies, making them more user-friendly, which at the end help in improving profits. Get more info here about Adobe Sitecatalyst user training.

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