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Convert Audio Free Continues Video Expansion with MKV to AVI Converter

Convert Audio Free has recently branched into video conversion tools and has created an MKV to AVI converter to help users overcome compatibility issues.


Seattle, WA -- (SBWIRE) -- 10/07/2013 -- With the dissemination of multimedia, video is now playable in a wider range of formats than people twenty years ago would have thought possible. Though this has opened up new possibilities for consuming media, it also created a number of drawbacks, chiefly in the compatibility of the different file types to be played on the default operating system of a desktop computer. MKV files are a new niche file format preferred for its lightweight, high resolution outcomes, but it can be difficult to find a player to play back the file. Convert Audio Free has created a free MKV to AVI converter to solve that problem.

The software is free to download and can be found directly from the Convert Audio Free website, whereupon it can be installed and running in minutes. The software comes with a free unlimited license, and no features are hidden behind premium buy rates. Users can convert MKV to AVI an unlimited number of times without ever having to pay.

The user interface of the software has been designed to be easy to use and intuitive, allowing individuals to add files to a conversion queue in just a few clicks, and find the converted file alongside the original.

A spokesperson for Convert Audio Free explained, “There is nothing more irritating than downloading a video only to find it in a format you can’t play. Hunting around for different media players, codec batches or re-downloading the video can all take an age, so it is a far better idea to simply download our MKV to AVI converter which will quickly and easily convert MKV files into the universally playable AVI format, which saves the hassle and headache associated with these niche file types.”

About Convert Audio Free
Convert Audio Free specialise in free to use audio conversion tools and have now branched into the video industry. This free MKV to AVI converter can help users to change their MKV file types into the AVI type so that they can more easily deal with compatibility issues. This software boasts a number of features that are simple to use and can be extremely useful. Furthermore, installation to convert MKV to AVI is a very quick and painless process. For more information please visit: