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Convert Audio Free Creates FLV Player to Enable Users to Watch Flash on Their Desktop

Flash video is ordinarily only playable through online portals such as YouTube and Vimeo, but Convert Audio Free has created a FLV Player that allows users to download and watch videos offline.


Seattle, WA -- (SBWIRE) -- 09/09/2013 -- FLV files, or Flash videos, are the file format of choice for major online video distributors like YouTube and Vimeo, who use the lightweight format to stream their videos effectively for billions of views. Many users opt to make their videos downloadable and many browser plugins offer this option as well, but many users are then frustrated to find they are unable to playback Flash material on their desktops. Convert Audio Free has now moved into the video conversion sector, providing a free FLV player that will solve that problem effectively and immediately.

With the FLV Player from Convert Audio Free, individuals will instantly be able to watch all their downloaded YouTube videos and other FLV files directly from their desktop, without the need for converters that take both time and computing resources to translate the files into another, more readable format.

The player can be downloaded directly from the website and is ready to use in minutes. It comes with a range of features including definition selection, volume control, screen size options and playback speeds, enabling individuals to have much the same level of control of their viewing as they would have with any paid software, simply without the price tag.

A spokesperson for Convert Audio Free explains, “Flash video files are likely the single most popular video format in the world given the number of videos on YouTube and the number of views those videos can lay claim to. It is no wonder then that people are surprised to find that FLV files are unplayable to the majority of default video playback software. Our FLV player quickly and effectively solves that problem, so that users can download and view their favorite videos without having to hunt for codecs or technical manuals to update existing software.”

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