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Convert Audio Free Creates MP3 Joiner to Amalgamate Songs for Playlists and Albums

Convert Audio Free has created an MP3 Joiner that allows users to create old-school mix taps in a new school way, playable on mobiles, computers and MP3 players.


Seattle, WA -- (SBWIRE) -- 12/02/2013 -- MP3 files are now the single most popular format for music and audio. They are a lightweight file that is not too large but still has a relatively good quality of music reproduction. The files are almost always of single songs, however, and this can create problems for those who want to preserve an album in its entirety or those who record interviews in sections but wish to have them collated as a single document. Convert Audio Free have now created an MP3 Joiner that allows users to create one MP3 file out of two.

This sounds simple enough, but with repetition the MP3 file can soon encompass a whole album, audio book, interview session or any other audio created out of multiple files. The software can be downloaded from the Convert Audio Free website, CNET or SoftPedia to join MP3 in a matter of minutes.

The MP3 Joiner is lightweight, easy to use software with two simple options and one ‘go’ button to create the finished product, which is a new aggregated file and doesn’t affect the original data. It comes with a free unlimited usage license so users can combine two or two thousand MP3s depending on their needs.

A spokesperson for Convert Audio Free explained, “We’re really excited about this new product- it allows individuals to create long form MP3 files so even using an iPod Shuffle or similar device they can listen to a whole album at once- it also allows them to compile audio books for instance into a single file so it won’t be interrupted by random music. It is also a great resource of individuals creating a sample EP to send off to music producers or those creating a party playlist who don’t want to pay for a DJ.”

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