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Convert Audio Free Develop Free AVI to MP4 Converter Ideal for Apple Devices

Convert Audio Free have moved into the video conversion market and are targeting the ever expanding market of Apple users with an intuitive free AVI to MP4 converter.


Seattle, WA -- (SBWIRE) -- 09/09/2013 -- Video codec supremacy has for years been a toss-up between the compressed MPEG and the uncompressed AVI- one offering better portability and the other offering better fidelity. Now however, there are a plethora of codecs including FLV for YouTube and the new MP4 developed by Apple, who insist on its devices playing only their format. For many users, this requires the use of a conversion tool, which has previously been expensive to source and use. Now, Convert Audio Free has developed a free AVI to MP4 conversion tool so that Apple device users can take their media anywhere.

The AVI to MP4 converter is a streamlined version of their broader universal AVI converter which allows those with a specific format in mind to download a more size-economic software without wasting time on extraneous and unnecessary conversion tools. The download comes direct from their website and is installed in minutes.

It takes just a few clicks to convert AVI to MP4 using the software, which comes with no built in usage limit and a processor-friendly conversion process that makes it fast without slowing down the computer it’s used on. Users can therefore convert their whole library of AVI files to MP4 in a single session.

A spokesperson for Convert Audio Free explained, “The work we’ve done in creating this new suite of software has been to address the needs of technology users everywhere. AVI is an excellent format used by a great many people in their digital libraries but it causes compatibility issues when Apple devices only accept MP4, a format not usually compatible with most default Windows devices. By creating this converter we allow individuals to experience the best of both worlds, using their Windows and Apple devices and having media available across both of them without the headache. It makes media more mobile than ever.”

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Convert Audio Free gained public plaudits for providing high quality audio conversion software for free. Convert Audio Free has now turned their expertise to video with a range of high quality conversion software’s that are again free for the public. For more information, please visit: