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Convert Audio Free Launches Free Ringtone Maker

Convert Audio Free has released a new ringtone maker software that is free to download and use so that individuals can make clips of their favorite tracks to use as their ringtone.


Seattle, WA -- (SBWIRE) -- 10/07/2013 -- Ringtones are essential in a busy modern life, and in an office environment having a distinctive ringtone can be essential to avoid confusion. Ringtones have evolved over the years from simple bleeps to 8-bit songs to full high definition audio, allowing people to download ringtones and use them on their phones. But many people simply wish to use their existing music library, but find several obstacles in their way. Convert Audio Free has created a new free Ringtone Maker that quickly and easily removes these obstacles.

The software is completely free to use and has no premium version, meaning all its features can be instantly accessed by the user. The intuitive user interface and control options make it a simple process to cut out a phrase or chorus of a song and create a ringtone from it, before simply loading the file into the phone for use.

The Ringtone Maker can be downloaded and installed directly from the Convert Audio Free website in minutes, and comes with an unlimited license, meaning individuals can make any amount of ringtones for themselves, their friends and colleagues without having to pay to download ringtone versions of songs they already own.

A spokesperson for Convert Audio Free explained, “Using songs as a ringtone is now the most common method that people choose to be alerted when they are being called. The problem is that most songs take a while to get going and the best and most identifiable part people would like to use as their ringtone won’t start until after the phone call has been answered. Our ringtone maker software allows individuals to create new files specifically for ringtones, cutting out the parts of the song they don’t want to use to create a pithy clip.”

About Convert Audio Free
Convert Audio Free offer free software for converting audio files for a wide range of different formats and purposes. The new Ringtone Maker is extremely easy to download and install, it doesn't occupy much space on your PC and it really doesn't take much to understand how to use it. One glance at a simple layout and right away you'll know how to make ringtones with the help of this app using only a few steps. For more information, please visit: