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Convert Audio Free Launches MP3 to WAV Converter That Maintains Great Quality Audio

Convert Audio Free has created an MP3 to WAV converter in order to create high quality audio files preferred by audio professionals and the general public.


Seattle, WA -- (SBWIRE) -- 09/09/2013 -- The WAV format is one of the highest fidelity audio codecs available for digitally encoding audio signals. The cost of this fidelity is file size, which is far greater than the most popular format, MP3. The MP3 format has proven a powerful tool in democratising music thanks to its portability and lightweight file sizes. The WAV format however gives far more options for audio editing and high quality playback through top of the range speaker systems. For those who wish to have the quantity of music available on MP3 but the quality of WAV files, Convert Audio Free has launched a free MP3 to WAV converter to satisfy that need.

The software is freely available to all and has no usage limits built into it so individuals can potentially convert their entire music collection into WAV, or simply individual files as needed.

The MP3 to WAV software can be downloaded directly from the Convert Audio Free website, installed and operational in minutes without the need for any premium license or key. The software by Convert Audio Free has previously been consumer orientated, but this software marks a departure in which they have targeted the professional market with free tools.

A spokesperson for Convert Audio Free explained, “WAV files are preferred by sound professionals because they offer more options for audio customisation, editing, clean up and treatment. Whether a DJ or a sound designer in film, WAV is one of the best formats for controlling audio and far superior in their dynamic tonal range than MP3. By converting an MP3 to WAV, audio professionals greatly increase what they can do with the file, including mixing, remixing, levelling and more. The free converter means that this needn’t be an expensive or time consuming process. MP3 is the most popular medium, but WAV is purest, and our converter makes sure quantity can be translated to quality.”

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