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Convert Audio Free Shifts Into Video with FLV Converter and More

MP3 conversion specialists Convert Audio Free have now released new software allowing individuals to download and convert FLV, or flash video, files.


Seattle, WA -- (SBWIRE) -- 07/12/2013 -- More than 500 million devices are currently flash enabled, and it’s no surprise as flash is used by YouTube, one of the most popular websites on the internet. Flash video is the standard format in which people view most of the content they find on the internet, and is also a program used by animators to create moving images. Flash video, or FLV, is not however supported by most basic home systems when not viewed through the internet. This has traditionally made viewing videos offline a challenge, but Convert Audio Free has entered the market with a range of free FLV converters so that users can download and convert YouTube videos to play on mobile and offline devices.

The FLV converter allows individuals to convert FLV files to any one of many different video file formats in order to play them effortlessly on their favorite devices- the product is anticipated to be a particular hit among Apple users, as the iPad and iPhone do not support Flash.

The site also offers FLV converters that convert existing files into FLV for fast and easy upload to YouTube. The FLV converter comes as a whole package or as a suite of different converters that have been streamlined and optimized to include only one file conversion codec, meaning those with a library of MOV files do not need to install a converter for WMV files, and vice versa, if hard drive space and processing power is at a premium.

A spokesperson for Convert Audio Free explained, “When you understand the technology behind file conversion the leap from audio to video is not as gargantuan as it may first appear. Thankfully, FLV is a very economical file format optimized to work with internet connections which means computer processors won’t be slow when operating our converting software. Now people can download favorite videos like Gangnam Style, or more practical uses like cooking instructional videos, and watch them without having to connect to the internet and reload from the beginning again.”

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