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Convert Website to Mobile Friendly Version or Be Ignored, Says Promotion Creatives CEO

After numerous consumer surveys, the data concludes that a local site that has not made their website mobile compatible is loosing half their visitors. What's worse is visitors get a negative opinion of the company which hurts future business. Promotion Creatives is a new startup promotional business that caters to small businesses, bloggers, writers, and online sellers. They help optimize conversion, traffic and visitor interaction for online properties.


Norman, OK -- (SBWIRE) -- 01/25/2013 -- 61% of mobile surfers say if they can’t find what they are looking for on a mobile site they will find another site. If a customer using mobile search can’t find what they want, they are 5x more likely to give up. What happens when customers have a bad mobile experience? Simple, the business will lose those customers. Statistics make it clear, businesses need to catch up because they are turning customers away with a bad mobile experience. Consumers expect their mobile experience to be as good as their desktop experience when they visit a mobile site. Load time is a critical factor to user experience as well, and any more than 5 seconds and mobile users leave frustrated. 66% of company supporters are disappointed with a bad mobile website experience. 55% say a frustrating mobile website experience hurts their opinion of an overall brand. 52% say a bad mobile website experience makes them less likely to engage with a company in any other venue.

The research firm emarketer released so-called M-Commerce numbers for 2012 last week, and the stats were sobering. Emarketer estimates that mobile shopping jumped 81% overall last year to nearly $25 billion, capturing 15% of all online sales. This is the beginning of a mega-trend. Emarketer estimates that sales from tablets and mobile phones combined will jump to more than 37 billion this year. Mobile searches have grown by 4X since 2012. This isn’t surprising when you consider that mobile customers are everywhere. When they aren't double screening, using a mobile while on the computer, they’re shopping for clothes while waiting at the bank, looking for accessories while enjoying a sunset on the beach, or shopping for shoes while getting gas.

To take advantage of these rising trends, businesses not only need a mobile website, they have to make sure that people can find it in search. According to the leading search engine giant Google, businesses should build a separate mobile commerce site, also known as an “m-commerce" site. Currently, this is the most common solution that e-commerce sites have opted to implement as the solution to cater to their mobile customers. Sites built after this “m-commerce” model tend to have a simpler design, while all the important aspects of their sites fit easily on the screens of mobile web browsers. Sites built in this manner must remember to include the coding on every page which tells the search engines that they are crawling an “m-commerce” site. Otherwise, such sites risk having the search engines view them as being sparse in rich content, possibly resulting in a loss of ranking in the SERPs.

Google favors this type of site because when coded correctly, the site is recognized as being part of the larger site complex which takes initiative in serving its visitors. Sites which are seen as being considerate to user experience are granted greater favor by search engines. Recently posted in a blog by Google; Including the coding for all web-accessing devices on your site (PCs, cell phones, tablets, etc.) ensures that your visitors will always have a pleasurable viewing experience. And as we all know, the more pleasurable a visitor’s experience is, the more likely that they will become an actual customer of the brand whose site they are visiting.

Convert website to mobile at your earliest possible chance says Promotional Creatives CEO, Alvin Curren. Because we have the hard data from 2012, he goes on to say, we know that most shoppers will just ignore a poorly configured website. If you don’t have a mobile friendly website, get one now. If have one, make sure it’s search engine optimized, while ensuring your mobile content is user-friendly. From there, make sure potential customers can find you by encouraging social and review site users like and share, running ads that target mobile devices, and sending them to simple, user-friendly landing pages with click-to-buy and tap-to-call capability where it makes since to incorporate them.

If a mobile website builder can do these few things for a business, the odds of having a very, very good year are greatly improved. For more information see

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