Convert YouTube Videos to Downloadable MP3? Brand New Website Says “Yes!” and the Service is 100% FREE


Tempe, AZ -- (SBWIRE) -- 07/08/2011 -- In response to the growing demand for software that converts YouTube videos into usable MP3 format, is announcing its brand new website that allows users to download YouTube videos anonymously and for absolutely no charge.

Most avid internet users have a favorite audio file that’s attached to a YouTube video. A simple glance at the comments section shows that most people want to know: “What song is this?” or “Where can I buy the live version of this song?” Unfortunately, most YouTube viewers don’t know that they can take any audio they want for free; the process to download YouTube is completely legal and quality download sites don’t even request the minimal of user’s personal information.

This is the basis behind When users come to the website they simply paste the URL of their favorite YouTube video into the link box on their home page and the software pulls the song from the video. They get an audio track that is high quality, free, and they can do it all without giving up any personal information or email addresses in the process.

After the website has successfully downloaded the audio file it gives the user several options to convert it into their desired format. MP3, AVI, MPEG, and many other common formats are available; quickly converting it and making it instantly downloadable for their preferred use.

Xenra also offers “add-ons” for all the different popular browsers. The add on is a small button on the browser that instantly takes audio from chosen videos and converts YouTube to MP3 without the need to visit the website and paste the YouTube URL into the homepage.

So far the website has received rave reviews from its users. Mark S, who used the software to finally pull one of his favorite songs off of YouTube, comments: “I’ve been listening to my favorite song for over a year now and always wished there was a way I could have it on my iPod so I could listen to it when I went to sleep. Until I found Xenra I just resigned myself to falling asleep with my computer on and YouTube open, but after a quick download I now have it easily accessible on my iPod. I’ve already ripped dozens of songs and I intend to keep going. I would suggest Xenra to anyone who wants the free audio off a YouTube video.”

This sentiment seems to be shared throughout the entire YouTube community. More than providing a platform for getting unknown audio tracks for free, it allows people to take the best hits on YouTube with them and enjoy their music wherever they go. To learn more about Xenra, or to download a video and convert it to MP3 within minutes, please visit: