Convert Audio Free Releases New Free WMA to MP3 Conversion Software


Seattle, WA -- (SBWIRE) -- 04/04/2013 -- Windows Media Audio (or WMA) is a very common audio format. Initially developed by Microsoft, many audio files have been distributed in this format. This is partly due to the fact that Windows Media Player automatically encodes the audio files from CDs into WMA files. This can be very frustrating for users of MP3 players that don’t support WMA format, such as the Apple iPod. The files also tend to be much larger than MP3s. There is often a need to convert files from WMA into MP3 for maximum compatibility and to free up storage space.

One audio format conversion related website that has been gaining positive reviews is This site has recently released a new piece of software that quickly and easily converts WMA files into MP3 files with no loss of quality. It has swiftly developed a reputation as the best way to perform this particular conversion procedure.

The software has an extremely simple and intuitive mode of operation. Unlike many similar programs, there are no complex settings to configure. Users can simply drag the WMA files into program and the files are converted instantly with absolutely no loss of quality.

It can convert files one at a time, or convert a large batch of files at once. This is particularly useful for people who may have whole albums or even entire music collections in WMA format.

A spokesperson for the site said: “Most people who have used Windows Media Player to encode their CDs into digital media files end up with a huge collection of WMA files. These files are fine for playing on the computer, but practically useless for playing on MP3 players or other mobile devices. The vast majority of MP3 players just don’t support them. The other problem with WMA files is that they are extremely bulky. They take up far more space for the same quality audio. We’ve released a free audio converter that converts WMA to MP3 with ease. Using it requires absolutely no technical knowledge of any kind. It is as easy as dragging in the WMA files. They are then automatically converted to MP3 files, ready to be played in any MP3 player.”

About is a website that offers free downloads of audio file format conversion software.

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