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Converting myBB to bbPress CMS2CMS Migration Plugin

CMS2CMS service, an automated CMS and forum migration service, is honored to announce the launch of its another Migration Plugin. Since this time on, all myBB forum owners may use CMS2CMS: myBB to bbPress Migration Plugin to get their current forum data imported to bbPress without shelling out for a developer.


Ternopil, Ukraine -- (SBWIRE) -- 12/17/2014 -- CMS2CMS Team has been working constantly to provide the forum owners with advanced migration opportunities. As the result, those who have the intention to perform myBB to bbPress migration, are provided with such possibility through the newly created CMS2CMS: myBB to bbPress Migration Plugin. Additionally, the service clients are provided with a full-cycled support from CMS2CMSSupported Items Team to cope with any issue during the whole migration procedure.

CMS2CMS tries its best to widen its range of provided services presenting a new myBB to bbPress Migration Plugin. From now on, those myBB forum owners willing to empower their forum with bbPress functionality, may use the Plugin to have the job done without getting their hands dirty with mountains of codes and scripts. Moreover, using CMS2CMS, there is no need to worry about losing any part of the data due to the fact that the process of migration is fully automated and accurate.

Why use CMS2CMS?

the migration is very fast and easy to do even if you've never dealt with it before,

there's live chat support available should any questions or issues arise,

you can try it for free by moving up to 10 threads,

there are 4 Service Packages for you to choose from in case you wish to entrust all the job to CMS2CMS experts.

Here's what you'll be able to migrate:


To wrap it all up, CMS2CMS service tries its best to be the next-generation product that makes the migration from myBB to bbPress accessible for anyone, either not very computer literate or high-skilled experts alike. The converter prevents you from wasting excessive time and huge efforts providing you with a possibility to focus on forum issues rather than migration fuss.

For more information about myBB to bbPress migration with CMS2CMS Plugin, feel free to visit

Used by thousands of users all over the world, CMS2CMS without any doubt has the potential to be ranked among the best migration services that are currently available at the web. The main philosophy of the product is to make the migration process as accurate and effortless as possible. No matter you are a high-skilled expert or not very tech savvy person - anyone will surely find CMS2CMS migration service the one that fits his requirements perfectly.

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