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Cooke Furniture Discusses Dessert on the Fire Pit


Bishop, CA -- (SBWIRE) -- 12/17/2013 -- As fall approaches, evening temperatures continue to dip into the lower figures. That does not mean, however, that families must take all of their entertaining indoors just yet. Fall can be a great time to enjoy the back yard with a fire pit or fire pit table from Cooke Furniture, located on the web at . One of the best ways to bring family and friends together is to cook dessert over the fire pit, an activity that allows everyone to get into the spirit of camaraderie that a fire pit creates.

When cooking dessert over a fire pit, there are several rules that should be observed to keep the fire table clean and functioning properly. No food should be allowed to drip down on to the fire pit glass, logs or other decorative media. If this happens, wait until the fire pit is cool and clean thoroughly. No foods with high fat contents that could flame up should be cooked over a fire pit, unless it is a controlled flambé.

With that in mind, here are some suggestions from Cooke Furniture, located on the web at , for cooking dessert fireside to enjoy with family and friends.

- S'mores. These campfire originals work well with fire pits; just make sure not to drip the roasting marshmallows into the fire.

- Bananas Flambé or Bananas Foster. On low to medium flames use a wok or large pan resting directly on the hot fire pit glass to melt the butter and caramelize the brown sugar, then add the bananas and brandy. Tip to ignite and finish off the flambé center table. Only experienced flambé cooks should try this on a fire pit table.

- Toasted cake with berries. Cut up an angel food cake into thick slices and allow guests to toast over the flames. Serve with fresh fruit.

- Orange muffins. Scoop muffin batter into a hollowed-out orange, tightly seal in foil and bake over the flames.

There are so many options when it comes to fire pits offered by Cooke Furniture. Those who want to see examples of beautiful fire pit installations can visit the website at . There, they will find photos and examples of how beautiful they can make their outdoor living space with a fire pit table.

About Cooke Furniture
Cooke Furniture creates beautiful outdoor fire pits and fire tables that utilize either propane or natural gas for fuel. Unlike wood fire pits, Cooke Furniture firepits do not pollute the air and are safe for families. Every Cooke Furniture product is guaranteed to provide full customer satisfaction. Local delivery is offered in areas of southern California, and Cooke Furniture also ships directly to homeowners across the globe.

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