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Cooke Furniture Offers Safety Tips for Gas Fire Pits


Bishop, CA -- (SBWIRE) -- 11/14/2013 -- A gas fire pit is a wonderful addition to a backyard or patio. It provides light, warmth and a beautiful ambience that literally draws people to pull up a chair and relax. However, there are some safety rules regarding propane fire pit tables that must be followed if these items are to be used safely in the home.

Cooke Furniture, located at and a leading maker and installer of quality custom fire pits, offers the following safety tips for fire tables.

- Have your table properly installed. If you are not sure what to do, have a professional perform the installation. Most problems with gas fire pit tables come from improper installs done by homeowners themselves.

- Perform regular maintenance. While a fire pit is built to perform for many years without much maintenance, it is important to perform routine cleaning. Be sure that the elements are not blocked and that the table’s surface stays clean. Check the connections to ensure that they are tight and there are no leaks.

- If you smell gas, stop. Do not try to light the table. Gas can hang in the air and create a burn hazard if it comes into contact with a spark. Do not touch an electrical switch or use a wall phone or cell phone. Instead, leave the building and call the gas supplier from a neighbor’s phone. If a gas supplier is not available, call the fire department.

- Never try to repair a leaking or faulty fire pit table. Cooke Furniture guarantees its fire pit tables are free from defects in manufacture and workmanship. Call if there is a problem, and never try to repair a broken or faulty fire pit table alone.

About Cooke Furniture
Cooke Furniture is the maker of quality fire pit tables that are built to last many years and give families a great deal of enjoyment. Cooke Furniture guarantees its fire pit tables are built to the highest standards of quality. Propane fire pits are available in all sizes and styles to suit every homeowner’s needs and tastes. For a quality fire pit table that is built to last, Cooke Furniture is the place to go.

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