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CookieNav - A Revolutionary Smart Device to Find Street Parking Spots Anywhere!


Barcelona, Spain -- (SBWIRE) -- 07/03/2013 -- Who hasn’t forgotten where they parked their car at one time or another? Worse yet, what frantic driver hasn’t wished to have a bird’s eye view of a part of their city in order to see what parking spots are available? Too many to count!

According to a study which conducted a global survey on the World’s parking problems, surveying 8,042 commuters in 20 cities on six continents and found drivers face a daily struggle in finding a parking spot with nearly 60% abandoning their search and not reaching their intended destination after a frustrating 30 to 40 minutes of searching. Further, the report found that people searching for a parking spot contributed to the cities traffic jams by over 30%. (source: IBM Global Parking Survey, Sept 2011).

CookieNav Automotive Technologies organization is working its way towards the production of a small device called CookieNAV, which the company believes can solve the parking issues affecting millions across the globe, save time and money and contribute to the reduction of pollution and troublesome traffic jams. According to the sources, this small device can be attached to the dashboard of the vehicle, which pairs with the Smartphone the person carries using Bluetooth 4.0. It then helps the user in a number of different ways, including: finding a parking spot, guiding them back to their parked car and also - via the integration of a ‘social’ button - notify other users about traffic issues, such as congestion, accidents and speed cameras in the area.

The company has recently launched a Crowfunding project for CookieNAV which aims to raise 45,000 € over the next 30 days, and is sure to launch it into the stratosphere of high-notoriety once word gets out. According to the sources, the company is planning to deliver 100,000 CookieNav devices by the end of 2014. The developers are currently completing the iOS application for the iPhone that will work in correlation with the dashboard device and will soon start to port to the Android platform as well.

When asked about the working of the device, Marc said, “As soon as you get into the car, the device, connects automatically to the app user’s Smartphone through Bluetooth 4.0 and, utilizing exceptional technology, informs other users that a driver is ‘about to leave’ a free parking spot. This information is distributed anonymously among the users who are looking for a spot in the area. Once the driver actually starts to drive away, the CookieNAV ‘accelerometer’ detects movement and notifies the rest of the users, that the parking spot is now actually free for parking. Similarly, if someone else makes a move, you will receive the notification. An added feature when you are the one parking is that as soon as you leave the car and walk away, the connection to the device is broken and the location where you parked your car is automatically recorded, with (if you need it) the smartphone guiding you back to where you parked your car”.

Sources confirmed that the company is also planning to add more features in the device including a panic button and collision detection, to send out details related to current location along with a pre written email to select contacts in case of an emergency.

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