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CookieNAV Crowdfunding Project Hopes to Solve Parking Issues


Barcelona, Spain -- (SBWIRE) -- 06/18/2013 -- What person hasn’t forgotten where they parked at one time or another? Worse yet, what frantic driver hasn’t wished to have a bird’s eye view of a parking lot in order to see what spots are available? Too many to count. Enter CookieNAV and the crowdfunding project sure to launch it to the stratosphere of high-notoriety once word gets out. The newest little device eager to solve driver’s issues will not only give parking advice it will offer a community of users that will automatically warn each other about troublesome points such as traffic jams, accidents and speed controls. Soon available to assist drivers anywhere in the world the CookieNAV will save time and money and contribute to the reduction of pollution and troublesome traffic jams.

With a goal to deliver 100,000 CookieNAV devices in 2014 the makers of the useful tool are in need of funding to finish the final phase of development. The developers are now completing the iOS application for the iPhone that will work in correlation with a dashboard device installed in the user’s car. They will soon start to port to the Android platform as well. Funding will support the FCC/CEE certifications, the manufacturing and product support as well as the completion of all tests in real environments.

CookieNAV uses Bluetooth 4.0 and an in-car device that contains an accelerometer which allows it to automatically detect the vehicle’s movement. The user need only to indicate through an app on their Smartphone that they’re looking for a parking spot. At that point the app user will then automatically receive geo-positioning information about potential of free places nearby.

In a nod toward exceptional technology, when a driver in the vicinity gets in their car CookieNAV connects automatically to the app user’s Smartphone through the Bluetooth 4.0 and informs the system that a driver is about to leave a free parking place. This information is distributed anonymously between the users who are looking for a spot in the area through the mobile application. Once the exiting driver starts their car, the user’s CookieNAV accelerometer detects movement and notifies the rest of the users anonymously that, indeed, the parking spot is free.

The position of free spots will disappear from the system after a few minutes.

Additionally, the CookieNAV user can be reminded of where they parked their car as the device will detect their vehicle using its GPS position automatically. CookieNAV also has a button which allows sharing with the rest of the device users the different events happening on the road while driving. Developers are now working on a panic button and a collision detection as well.

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