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Cool Blast Equipment Company Annouces Completion of Church Renovation Project


Lake Wylie, SC -- (SBWIRE) -- 12/03/2012 -- Cool Blast Equipment Company, Inc representative Steve Whitt recently announced the completion of a historic church restoration project using dry ice blasting and painting. Says Whitt, "We are very proud of the way the project turned out. The use of the dry ice blasting process provided us with an effective way to clean the surfaces and prepare them for repainting, in this case, the pillars of the church." Church restoration images were posted at

According to church officials, the structure's pillars lost their paint and began to look shabby and run-down. The church wanted to retain the original materials, but give them an up-dated look, thus leading them to call Cool Blast. "We did our research beforehand, impressed with the fact they used a process that wouldn't damage the intricate scroll work on the pillars." Whitt understood immediately what the problem was and how they could help, saying, "We use a fast and effective process that is lacking in the cleanup hassles or potential damage caused to the buildings or materials when you use bead blasting or sand blasting. Dry ice blasting can also shorten the downtime for cleaning from multiple days down to mere hours."

Renovations are just one of the many services performed using dry ice blasting equipment. Whitt states they have been called out on other jobs, too. "Dry ice blasting is fast becoming the preferred method for removing mold from crawl spaces, attics, and wall cavities of infested structures. The ice particles actually remove a very thin outer layer of the wood, eradicating entire mold colonies in seconds. And, since there is no secondary waste stream created, the work is completed much faster than with other blast media. We are qualified mold re-mediators, and utilize proper structure containment, negative air flow, and HEPA filtration, to assure you get the results you need."

Fire restoration is another area where dry ice services are used. Says Whitt, "CO2 is the primary component used in fire extinguishers to put out a fire, and, likewise is the best way to clean up after a fire. Metal surfaces, wood surfaces, concrete and brick surfaces, all come clean very quickly when properly blasted with CO2 dry ice. Our technicians have cleaned up many apartment units, residences, commercial buildings, offices, and factories with this process. Soot, smoke, and smell are gone. Even light to medium charred wood can be restored. Concrete, stone, and brick look like nothing happened after only minutes of CO2 blasting."

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