My Cool Inventions Radio Show

My Cool Inventions Radio Show Featured on Nationally Syndicated 'Daytime' Morning Show


Tampa, FL -- (SBWIRE) -- 05/25/2012 -- The My Cool Inventions Radio Show, hosted by Akos Jankura ‘The Solutionist’ and John Cremeans ‘The Doctor of Shopology’ was featured on Thursday’s ‘Daytime’ morning show on NBC Affiliate WFLA Channel 8, in Tampa, Florida. Host Cyndi Edwards talked with Akos and John about their search for the next 100 million dollar product and showed the audience several of the inventions that have already been sent in by inventors from all over the country.

Since the premiere of My Cool Inventions Radio on it’s flagship station 970 WFLA as well as being streamed nationwide on iHeartRadio.Com the show has been inundated with hundreds of inventors submitting their products on a daily basis. According to Host Akos Jankura, “It is absolutely amazing how many armchair inventors there are out there. They’re all looking for a chance to be heard. For someone to take their idea or product seriously and help them achieve their dream!” Co-host John Cremeans adds, “Akos and I use our over 50 years combined experience in inventing and direct response television presentation to help guide them along a successful path.”

Every week the show’s listeners are invited to hear the ‘product pitch’ of featured inventors and then vote on their success. “It’s Reality Radio at it’s best”, says Akos, “We are giving everyday inventors the opportunity to have their idea heard while the audience or sharks determines if they like the product or not. If the sharks like the product the inventor will move into our Inventor Match Program in taking products to market.”

A regular feature of the show, called The My Cool Inventions Academy, is an educational segment where the listener can hear from industry and inventive leaders or call in and ask Akos and John advice on their invention. ‘Education is key when you’re inventing or bringing a product to market’, says John, ‘There are so many stories of people with great ideas losing their ideas and mismanaging their product’s development, most of the time, with the wrong people. It’s incredibly sad, but we hear these stories on a daily basis.’

‘The great part about our show’, says Akos, ‘is the satisfaction of knowing that we’re doing something good for the inventor community.’

The ‘Daytime’ show originates out of Riverbank Studios, located at NBC Affiliate WFLA Channel 8 in Tampa, and airs on over 70 television stations across the country focusing on daily lifestyle and entertainment content. My Cool Inventions Radio is heard every Saturday afternoon at 4PM eastern on 970 WFLA Radio in Tampa and nationwide streaming on iHeartRadio.Com. Product submission is free and can be easily entered from their show’s website – MyCoolInventions.Com

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