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Coolest iPhone Case Website Launches Contest to Discover Coolest Case

Contest Allows Voting Twice A Year Manufacturers Submit Variety Of Designs


New York, NY -- (SBWIRE) -- 07/03/2013 -- The average cost of an iPhone with a contract is $200 and without a contract it is $625. For something a consumer spends so much money on, the investment in an iPhone case should be automatic, says Jim Sartek, spokesperson for But with so many cases to choose from, Sartek insists it's important to purchase a cell phone case that reflects one's personality.

Says Sartek, "We collect iPhone cases not only because we need to protect our precious devices, but also because they can actually represent who we are. With so many options in the marketplace and online right now ranging from iconic cult figures to luxury high end gold iPhone cases and everything in between, there are so many choices out there. People have cases for every mood or occasion, so it's not just a fashion accessory but a piece of self-expression. Maybe it's a way of telling the world who your favorite sports team is or that you are someone who is unique and your handmade iPhone case reflects that. Most people don't have just one iphone case cover, but a pink iphone case, a red one and green one, one for every outfit!"

The site offers voting twice a year for viewers to decide amongst all the iphone cases submitted, which ones are truly the coolest. Says Sartek, "The ranking section of our site is not available for advertising purposes, which keeps everything fair. They are based on votes, but if you're a designer or manufacturer who would like to be considered for the next ranking, you can send in pictures of your phone with details about your iPhone cases, a website, and general information about why they are awesome. We post them for the viewers to vote on along with all the other phones."

Sartek goes on to describe the types of phone case covers viewers will find on the site, saying, "You'll find Gucci phones along side Target phones. It really isn't a matter of the most expensive iphone cases winning the contest, but truly the coolest phone case covers. So, who has the coolest iPhone case? What does your case say about you? We invite everyone to join our community and join in the fun. You'd be amazed at the types of phone case covers out there today. From 18 karat gold covers of the rich and famous to skull covers for the skateboarder dudes, there's something for everyone."

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Coolest iPhone Case is an online website offering viewer voting twice a year for a ranking of the coolest cases available for cellular iPhones around.