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CoolSculpting Helps Residents Get Rid of Stubborn Fat Cells


Glenolden, PA -- (SBWIRE) -- 09/13/2017 -- Most women have some part of their body that they wished looked a little bit different; even if they are not overweight, nearly every woman reports that they have one place on their body that seems to store stubborn fat that is unreceptive to diet and exercise. CoolSculpting for people near Philadelphia, PA, and other local areas, is now available for anyone looking to reduce the appearance of fat cells stored in stubborn areas.

There is a common misconception that CoolSculpting, available for people in Philadelphia, and surrounding areas, is only used by those who are overweight. This is a myth. In fact, candidates of a normal weight are often ideal candidates for CoolSculpting because they tend to have more realistic expectations for the outcome of the procedure. This is the reason why Elle Magazine reporter Cristina Goyanes choose CoolSculpting. As a triathlete and cyclist, Goyanes is in excellent shape, yet couldn't seem to lose a set of unwanted fat cells on her thighs. In her article "Why I Froze the Fat Off My Thighs," Goyanes detailed why she was grateful that she'd chosen CoolSculpting; the fat cells that were stubbornly connected to her thighs had melted away over the course of just a few months, and she felt more confident wearing bike shorts and dresses again. CoolSculpting had restored her confidence, like so many other women who use it to beat stubborn fat cells.

Residents who are interested in defeating stubborn fat cells once and for all are encouraged to call Renew Medical Spa & Wellness at 844-736-3932 for more information and to schedule a free consultation.

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