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Cooperation with the Buyers for United States DLC Would Help MLS Largely Expand Their International Market

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Guangdong, China -- (SBWIRE) -- 12/12/2013 -- Under the leading of the United States DLC, a dozen of overseas buyers have visited the factory and working office of MLS CO., LTD at November 27, 2013. In this visiting, these foreign clients have carefully looked the workshop and showroom of MLS and exchanged idea with general manager of MLS whose name Lin Jiliang face to face. They had deeply exchanging with each other about the development and current situation of China LED Lighting products and LED industry.

By the guiding of general manager Lin Jiliang, all of these overseas buyers firstly visited the factory workshop of MLS lighting. During the period of visiting, most of these buyers have expressed with people the admiration for the technology management and forward-looking product design of MLS. According to reports, in the recent LED exhibition, MLS launched a number of new quarterly and annual competitive products which are mainly for Europe and domestic sellers and other quality engineering businesses. If people are interested in their products, please visit website .

For instance, the T8 LED lamp is the main product in year of 2013. This product CHINASSL2013 is third-generation version of the product which has passed the UL certified. This T8 LED lamp has once again exceeded its former performance parameters and cost-effective and MLS enhanced the various indicators according to the latest UL safety requirements. Of course, if the clients who need the T8 lamp are from China mainland, the specification of T8 lamps will have some changes with market and safety standards of China. Currently, this series of products have been sought after by more and more domestic and foreign customers.

It is understood that the main goal of the visiting of all these United States DLC overseas buyers is to understand the market, customer needs and seek suitable partners in China. Through this visiting to the factory and working office of MLS lighting, most of these oversea clients are very satisfied with the scale of production and product quality of MLS. Furthermore, they believe that MLS will have great performance in the international semiconductor arena in the near future and they would be perfectly willing to send order to MLS.

For MLS, their leader, technicians, engineer and supervisors have learnt many latest market information and trend from these foreign traders and buyers. The most important point is that these clients have sincerity pointed some key shortcomings and obstacles of the future development of MLS lighting and it would help MLS has more bright future.

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