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Coops and Cages Bringing New and Improved Products at Affordable Prices

After receiving great response from its customers, Coops and Cages is now offering a more enticing deal in the form of improved and better products.


Carlton, Australia -- (SBWIRE) -- 06/02/2014 -- Coops and Cages is now saying that the products available in their website may look like the old items previously offered in the past but something has definitely changed. Its CEO is now proudly claiming that the items are a fusion of something old and new. While the old products look like the past designs, the materials used and craftsmanship were improved to make these even more durable and convenient for clients.

The company is currently providing pet enclosures for different types of pets. Its chicken coop line is popular since it gives customers the freedom to choose from several sizes and designs. According to one customer, “…The product itself assembles rather easily. My chickens love it in there…” One of its premium chicken coops that feature a run, sleeping area and a nest box that was originally priced at $1,189 can be purchased at a discounted price of $649. Other features include water and termite-proof material, extra secure locks, and extra-large enclosure runs. Similar discounts can be seen in other chicken enclosure products.

Aside from chickens, there are also other pet enclosures for dogs, cats, birds, ferret, rats, rabbits and guinea pigs. The company’s CEO reiterated that most of its products were slightly reinvented for quality reasons. So far, their show stopper products can be seen under the cat enclosure line. In here are cat scratching trees that could sit 2 to 6 cats depending on the design. One of these looked like castles perched on poles while others don colourful designs ranging from reds, blues, beige, browns and prints. With bed cubes and cradles, the cat can just sit and watch or hide and take a nap.

So far, the website is flooded with positive customers review. So why did the company improve their current products when these are already making a great impact to pet lovers? Here is what Jordan Walker, pet expert at Coops and Cages, has to say, “If it’s a gadget, the demand to produce an improved and better version is very high. All business entities can learn from these technological manufacturers and should aim to have products or services that are better than yesterday. That’s what we want to do at Coops and Cages. To constantly find better materials and keep on improving the craftsmanship of our product lines. Products, services and people make up a business and when you are able to make these better, you get to please your current customer base and even get to gain some more.”

About Coops And Cages
Coops And Cages™ is a company that provides pet enclosures for pets like dogs, cats and chickens. Its aim is to be the largest and most trusted pet enclosure business in all of Australia. For more information, you may contact Jordan Walker at or message him at his Facebook, Twitter or Google+ accounts.