Coops And Cages™

Coops and Cages Keep Dogs Safe and Comfortable in Their Kennels

Coops and Cages ensures that dogs are protected in their own abode by providing their customers, the dog owners, with the kennels of their choice. They have been servicing a number of clients for some time now.


Carlton, Victoria -- (SBWIRE) -- 11/05/2014 -- Dog businesses are successful because there are hundreds of dog owners nationwide. These dog owners intend to provide their beloved dogs the very best care that they can afford. Along with purchasing food, toys, treats and medicine for their canines, dog owners invest in kennels. Kennels from Coops and Cages keep the dogs warm during the winter and cold during the summer.

Coops and Cages has timber dog kennels of various sizes. It is up to the dog owners to choose which size their pets will fit in. Prices vary of course, the bigger the kennel, the more expensive it is. There are kennels that can accommodate one dog, while there are others that can accommodate two or more. Prices range from $169 to $249. Dogs also appreciate it when owners provide them with materials and toys that they can use and play with. Balls, rubber toys and lounge steps are just some of the products that Coops and Cages sell, aside from kennels and wire pens. They also ship quickly. Customers can expect the items they ordered delivered to their homes within a reasonable time.

The kennels from Coops and Cages are easy to install. These come with a guide and customers can have their purchase up and standing easily. The materials used for Coops and Cages products are nice and sturdy to ensure that pets are protected even when placed outside. Styles also vary, to suit the needs of the pets and the preference of the dog owners. Their kennels also come in various materials, such as timber or wire. Timber dog kennel protects the dog from the heat of the summer sun and rain showers. It also proves to be durable and reliable and keeps the pet safe from other outdoor threats.

Coops and Cages is aware that there are various dog kennels in the market so they make sure that their standards are different from the rest. They offer various sizes of kennels for different breeds. The attendants also accommodate the customers and assist them in getting the right kennel for their beloved pets.

According to Jordan Walker, a pet store manager at Coops and Cages, “In terms of budget, you will find many affordable dog kennels from Coops and Cages. We have been proven to produce rugged, robust, and durable kennels and cages within a long period of time, therefore protecting the dogs from harsh elements and the predators lurking outside. Coops and Cages provide unconditional love to dogs through our kennels and other products. Pets will definitely enjoy the purchases made from Coops and Cages. It is our job to make sure that the dogs are provided with a happy home that they can stay in for a long, long time.”

About Coops and Cages™
Coops and Cages keeps pets and your backyard safe and snug. These are the top enclosures that any dog owner can invest in for their canines. For more information you may contact Jordan Walker at or catch him at his Facebook, Twitter and Google+ account.