Coops And Cages™

Coops and Cages Making Bird Aviaries More Affordable for Consumers

The pet enclosure provider Coops And Cages™ is now offering hefty markdowns on its products as a thank you to valued customers and a move to increase its market share.


Carlton, Australia -- (SBWIRE) -- 05/07/2014 -- Coops And Cages™, a leading pet enclosure online retailer in Australia, is now making their bird aviaries more affordable for pet owners. The reduced costs are effective for all bird cage sizes and from the original prices of $215.85 to $518.85, these can now be purchased for as low as $129 to $329. Promotional prices are also offered in other animal enclosures for cats, dogs, ferrets, rabbits, guinea pigs and rats, where original prices are slashed for up to more than 40% of the original cost. With the reduced prices, the company is hoping to increase their market share and be able to slowly introduce the use of durable pet enclosures to the public.

Since its inception, the founder of Coops And Cages™ has made it his mission to provide quality pet encloses to pet owners. However, quality pet housing solutions often come with a hefty price tag, and owners are often left to make their own makeshift pet houses which are not considered ideally safe for pets. As a true animal enthusiast and a tribute to celebrating its continued success in the industry, the company is now making its bird aviary products more accessible and these can now be purchased at prices that can now be afforded by anyone. The founder further stated that this is a way of also giving back to their customers for their continued support to the company and to lure more people into considering adopting animals in their homes.

There are several quality bird aviaries that customers could choose from. Depending on the style and model, these could house 4 to 6 birds all in all. The simple rectangular full bird aviary which can hold 5 birds is priced at $199 while the one that features a more intricate design and has a capacity of 6 birds can be purchased at $329. Discounts are also offered in other pet enclosures and just like bird aviaries, there are several innovative pet products that buyers could choose from and some even come in not-so-common colors and designs.

When asked about the secret of the success of the company, Jordan Walker, animal expert at Coops And Cages™, said this, “I think the heart of a business are its customers and the employees working in it. When you understand the passion of your customers, you are naturally inclined to give them what they want. That is why we made sure that everyone employed in the company have a natural penchant for pets so that whether customer concerns are minimal or gigantic, our employees are equipped to easily come up with a corresponding solution. Throw in great quality products and you are sure to have a business that could stand the test of time.”

About Coops And Cages™
Coops And Cages™ is a company that provides quality but affordable pet enclosures. The company prides itself for its outstanding customer service and all of its employees truly love pets. For further information, you may contact Jordan Walker at or catch him at his Facebook, Twitter or Google+ accounts.


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