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Coops and Cages Says Pet Trends Look Very Promising for Their Business

The pet enclosure provider Coops and Cages says that their business may be in-demand in the coming days with pet product purchasing going uphill.


Carlton, Australia -- (SBWIRE) -- 06/16/2014 -- The pet industry that includes the likes of Coops and Cages may be on the right track with pet owners now more caring than ever of their animal companions. According to the IBISWorld Industry Report this June, from 2008 to 2013, pet industry in the US grew by 3.4% annually. The American Pet Products Association (APPA) on the other hand claimed that people spent a total of $55.53 billion on their pets for 2013. The Australian Bureau of Statistics estimated that the pet industry in the country was worth $7 billion in 2012.

As shown in several sources, pet owners are willing to spend thousands of dollars on their pets. For example, Crispin Odey, a British hedge fund manager, put up a Palladian style home worth $250,000 for his chickens. The price of the 775 square feet chicken coop is considered pricier than average home listings in several states such as Arkansas, Iowa, Indiana and Ohio. And West England isn’t the only place with a palatial chicken home. In North Vancouver, David Adair has a custom-made insulated chicken coop partly made of cedar worth $3,000. He says that he had the coop built since he needed something that would blend well with his house and regular coops aren’t attractive enough.

Aside from chickens, cats, fish, and dogs remain an all-time favorite for pet lovers. In December, British pet owners are said to spend more on their pets than on their true-life partners. Pet are more than just companions now. These are clearly considered an important addition to the family with people willing to spend on quality kibbles and other types of pet accessories. However, not all people are like Crispin Odey and David Adair who are blessed with a lot of money to spend on their pets. For people wanting to still provide the best coops or homes for their pets, Coops and Cages is now offering a sustainable alternative.

Jordan Walker, pet housing expert at Coops and Cages, “Most of us employed in this company are pet owners. If there are people who could understand how much you love your pet, that would be us. Our products are sold at very affordable prices and we strive hard to make these better each time of production. The best part is that, we only offer durable products that will not only stand wear and tear, but will beautifully blend well with your home’s interior or exterior. We love it every time someone gives us a feedback as to how their pets loved our products. Our business is built for the love of pets and if we can make them happy in any way, it’s our greatest achievement. With the trends looking positive, we may be able to do this more often than we might expect.”

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Coops and Cages™ is an online retailer of pet housings for animals like dogs, cats, chickens and ferrets. This is located in Australia and its main goal is to be the number one pet enclosure provider in the country. For more information, contact Jordan Walker at or drop him a message at his Facebook, Twitter or Google+ accounts.