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Coops and Cages Uses New Pet Store Software

Coops and Cages will add new point-of-sale software to improve the store’s operation and the efficiency of record-keeping to serve the customers better.


Carlton, Melbourne -- (SBWIRE) -- 07/30/2014 -- Coops and Cages, one of the leading online pet enclosure stores in Australia, is adding a new point-of-sale system to their offices in Carlton, Victoria. The POS system will allow the company to manage the store more efficiently by keeping track of sales and the employees serving the customers. This efficiency will likely translate to not only an increase in profits but also an improvement in the quality of their customer service. This is mainly due to the additional customer information that they can get from the data collected by the new system.

The company may be mainly operating online, but they still ship out orders from their warehouse. They keep inventories of their pet cages and other pet items that they are selling. This huge collection of pet enclosures, from bird cages and dog kennels to chicken coops and cat houses, has to be monitored, as the goods get in and out of their warehouses. To keep track of their inventory’s movements, the POS system can help. That is why it is considered as the improved cash register because it can address many record-keeping and operational issues for a smoother management of the business. And whatever happens within the store will affect the customers. An effectively managed store will not have difficulty getting orders, settling customer payments, and sending the orders out on time.

The addition of the new system will allow the store’s crew to process customer transactions fast. Seeing the burgeoning customer list of the online store and the constant addition of new products to the site, everything has to be done fast to maintain the store’s quality assurance for all their services. Coops and Cages know that their top priority will always be the satisfaction of their customers, who will only feel that way if they can immediately get the pet enclosures, beds, and other items on time.

But why did the store decide to make the move towards using a new POS system? “We have to keep up with the times. As we take more customer orders and expand our product line, we have to keep a closer eye on our inventory, employee performance, and customer behaviour. We can only do it with the use of a POS system, making it a necessary investment for us. Most of all, we want to make not only pets happy, but pet owners/customers as well by providing them top notch service with the help of our new system that will make everything run efficiently from now on,” according to Jordan Walker, Coops and Cages manager and pet enthusiast.

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Coops And Cages™ sells durable and quality enclosures for birds, dogs, cats, guinea pigs, chickens, ferrets, rabbits, and rat. It is in fact one the top providers in Australia. For inquiries, feel free to email Jordan Walker at, or follow them via Facebook, Google+ or Twitter.