Cop Admits Speedticketbeaters.com Beat Him in Traffic Court


Scottsdale, AZ -- (SBWIRE) -- 01/12/2017 -- Speedticketbeaters.com is the most widely used speeding ticket defense website online. They have been providing speeding ticket defenses to U.S. customers, since 2004.

A site like Speedticketbeaters.com gets a lot of interesting emails. This week they got a long email from a state trooper sarcastically congratulating them for beating him in traffic court. The cop wrote: "I have got to hand it to you, you guys provided your customer a really strong defense argument, that he used in court, to destroy the ticket I wrote him. And it makes me sick". The cop went on to write: "I know tons of cops that hate you guys for doing what you do. I even witnessed one writing a fake complaint online about you. But what's fair is fair. And since we've been ordered to write all these tickets, to make money for the county… Then it's probably good that you guys can help people win their cases".

Speedticketbeaters has been proving the info needed for "do it yourself" speeding ticket defenses since 2004. Speedticketbeaters.com defenses work in all 50 states.

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