COPD Can Be Controlled by Quitting Smoke

Advanced COPD results in high pressure on the arteries of lungs that strain heart’s right ventricle known as cor pulmonale. Its symptoms are bulging neck veins.


Newport Beach, CA -- (SBWIRE) -- 05/22/2014 -- Cough and breathlessness are today’s common health ailments. It's a modern issue, which gradually decreases the functioning of lungs with time. This leads to coming up of new disease known as COPD (Chronic Obstructive Pulmonary Disease). On the basis of the intensity of illnesses, the copd stages are divided into 4 categories. Recently, this disease has gained recognition among the main community.

The word chronic means the ailment is persistent. Bronchitis may be the irritation of airways in one’s lungs. The harm of smaller airways of one's lungs is the Emphysema. The word pulmonary is generally used for explaining the damaged lungs. Thus the major question is what causes copd?

The major cause for COPD is smoking. It damages the inner lining of one's lungs’ airways. The chances of getting prone to COPD are extremely high, if a person smokes a pack of cigarettes daily. Polluted workplace, air pollution are another reasons for COPD.

Copd symptoms
1. Cough
2. Wheezing
3. Breathlessness
4. Sputum
5. Weight loss
6. Chest infection

The symptoms of copd and asthma are same still both diseases are different. The airways are damaged by COPD permanently. The symptoms turn into chronic because of the contraction of airways. The chances of opening the airways are also limited.

In asthma, people feel inflammation in their airways. Consequently, the muscles within the airways gets shrink; this is actually the reason for contraction of airways. This disease could be verified by performing lab assessments. Spirometry is the most typical test employed for diagnosing COPD. Quitting smoking totally is the most critical way of managing COPD. Nevertheless there are 3 types of treatments namely Stable COPD, Exacerbation COPD and End Stage COPD treatment.

This website provides complete vital information on COPD (Chronic Obstructive Pulmonary Disease), their symptoms, causes and their treatments options.

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