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Coplan-Gardner & Gardner Law Showcases Legal Services for a Smooth Divorce Process

Two divorces take place in the United States every minute. Coplan-Gardner & Gardner Law wants to showcase its services at to help couples better navigate the process.


Jacksonville Beach, FL -- (SBWIRE) -- 09/30/2015 -- While the divorce rate has been on the decline for a number of years, legal news website still reports that nearly twenty percent of marriages end in divorce after five years. After twenty years, that number creeps up to nearly fifty percent. While divorces can happen for a plethora of different reasons, there is one thing that is for sure: it's a difficult thing to go through. In any divorce situation, both spouses need to ensure that they have their own support system to help them wade through the mess that divorce can make of a person's life. While family and friends should definitely be a part of that system, those currently involved in a divorce situation need not neglect hiring an attorney for legal support as well. If they do, they could be in for a whirlwind of trouble. It is with this mindset that Coplan-Gardner & Gardner Law, a Jacksonville Beach law firm, is offering its services to clients who need help during this difficult time.

Lisa Coplan-Gardner, a representative of and legal partner with the Law Firm of Coplan-Gardern and Gardner, has stated that "No two marriages are the same. Consequently, no two divorces are the same. When it comes to divorce, "fairness" isn't an objective term. It means something different for every couple. What the family lawyers at our firm will do is gather all of the relevant details of the case and determine what a fair divorce agreement would look like for the client. Then, we put together a legal strategy that will allow us to advocate for what that client truly deserves." Garner goes on to say that "Each party involved in the divorce wants someone to fight for their rights, and that is what we do at Coplan-Gardner & Gardner Law."

Gardner explains that "During this difficult time, those going through divorces need two things: advice and support. Having a family law attorney on hand to answer questions and respond immediately to any actions taken by the other spouse not only puts a client's mind at ease, but it can also keep them from making mistakes and agreeing to something that could negatively impact the rest of their lives. During this emotional time, it can be hard to have clear thinking and foresight. Even if they do, they may not understand the legal ramifications of taking on a large debt that they may not really be able to afford or agreeing to give up an asset that could truly benefit them in the future. The attorneys at Coplan-Gardner & Gardner Law are here to help our clients make decisions that will help them rebuild their lives, not further destroy them."

"In any divorce situation, we fully support our clients," states Gardner. "Our firm takes care of all of the paperwork filings and legal footwork so that our clients can focus on healing emotionally and figuring out what is in store for the future. Above all, we truly care about every client, and our only mission is to help them navigate the legal complexities of divorce and receive the consideration and fair treatment that they are so deserving of."

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Coplan-Gardner & Gardner Law is a legal firm that seeks to provide high-quality legal assistance to those facing criminal charges or family issues. It is the desire of everyone at the firm to see their clients successfully navigate the legal system. Coplan-Gardner & Gardner Law takes a team approach to accomplishing this goal, and each member makes the necessary effort to comb through the details of every case, understand the facts, and gain insight on the issues that require resolution. Armed with extensive knowledge of the law and significant experience with family and criminal cases, the attorneys at Coplan-Gardner & Gardner Law are well-qualified to assist clients in finding and reaching the most favorable resolution in their cases.