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Copper Gluconate Market Will Continue to Grow by 2021

Gluconic acid is an organic compound with six carbon length, derived from glucose by the oxidation of first carbon atom of aldehyde group to a carboxyl group.


New York, NY -- (SBWIRE) -- 01/09/2017 -- Copper Gluconate is the copper salt of D-gluconic acid, with empirical formula C12H22CuO14. It is a mineral composition of copper carbonate and glucono delta lactone. Typically bluish green to green in color. It is a bioavailable form of copper and is an odorless crystalline powder that contains copper and L-gluconic acid, in the form of L-gluconate. Copper Gluconate is easily soluble in water, while it is insoluble in ethanol. It is also preferred over Copper Chloride because of its green compound features.

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Gluconic acid is an organic compound with six carbon length, derived from glucose by the oxidation of first carbon atom of aldehyde group to a carboxyl group. Gluconic acid and its derivatives namely esters or salts are used in the preparation of pharmaceuticals, cosmetics, foods and as mineral supplements to prevent the deficiency.

Copper Gluconate is used as a dietary supplement to metabolize copper to treat copper deficiency, namely anemia and osteoporosis. It is also used as a nutrient for its properties that help in the absorption of iron, formation and maintenance of bones as well as formation of red blood cells. Patients suffering from chronic gastrointestinal problems or undergoing a gastrointestinal surgery, such as gastric bypass surgery, may develop copper deficiency. In such incidents, copper gluconate as supplemental copper is prescribed. Copper also controls heart rate. Its deficiency can disturb cardiac functions. This necessitates the intake of adequate amount of dietary copper for optimal heart function. Copper gluconate is available in market in the form of tablets for intake as a drug. Also, it is available in the market as a nutritional supplement without having a prescription. The daily average dosage of copper gluconate for an adult is about 2 milligrams. Consuming a large amount can be toxic.

Copper is also effective for wound healing as well as for anti-aging due to its restraining effect on matrix metalloproteinases as well as stimulation of fibroblasts that build healthy collagen. It acts as antioxidant enzyme superoxide dismutase's component. Copper gluconate thus also acts as an anti-aging ingredient, but it is not among the best researched or proven for topical application.

The increasing awareness and consciousness for health and wellness is driving up the global demand for dietary supplements. This is the primary driver for the copper gluconate market which offers the component for dietary copper supplement. Other drivers may include increasing prevalence of fast food or less nutritious food, leading to an increased demand of dietary supplements.

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Factors restraining the growth of the copper gluconate market includes stringent certification like Kosher and Halal, high manufacturing & labor cost and technical & regulatory concerns.