Copperloy Completes Custom Manufactured Material Handling Equipment Job for Mining Industry


Twinsburg, OH -- (SBWIRE) -- 01/14/2014 -- Unique Challenges Met by the Custom Manufacturing Team at Copperloy

Copperloy recently completed a custom manufacturing job for a mining and tunneling industry client who had a set of unique specifications and difficulties which other equipment, and other companies, had been unable to adequately solve. It's just the latest example of the excellence of Copperloy's custom fabrication and design services, and the high quality of its material handling equipment.

In this specific case, the client required large amounts of rebar to be utilized in the tunneling process. However, attempts at trucking or railing such large loads for installation proved to be inefficient, and a major challenge for the company's output and overall capabilities.

Copperloy was able to produce a unique heavy-duty steel pallet to handle this task. The engineering team at Copperloy coordinated with the client's own engineers to produce a special design for a 40,000 lb. capacity pallet, in both a 13-foot and 26-foot length. Not only that, but it was a custom design and build job that required the use of both a lift truck and crane

After working with Copperloy and their custom engineering team for this design and build, the mining company was able to quickly, efficiently and safely transport large quantities of rebar. This was a unique challenge presented to Copperloy and Copperloy is proud to have exceeded the company’s expectations.

With more than 50 years of experience with material handling equipment, this is one of many examples of Copperloy delivering a positive outcome in the face of seemingly long odds. Copperloy's custom design and build team utilizes a 70,000 square foot facility with the latest and best manufacturing and designing equipment to regularly provide robust, high quality equipment and solutions just like this.

Copperloy specializes in loading dock equipment and material handling equipment, producing an extensive array of yard ramps, edge of dock levelers, dock lifts and lift tables, dock boards and plates, railboards, portable platforms, and more.

The mining industry is just one of dozens of different industries with which Copperloy has extensive experience. The company regularly provides equipment and tailored solutions for industries including construction, metal and heat processing, printing and publishing, warehousing, heavy machinery, automated equipment, military and defense, and many others.

Contact Copperloy at 800.321.4968 to learn more about their equipment and services, and how they can produce perfect custom made material handling equipment for any difficult or unique challenge. More information about the company and its products is also available at

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Copperloy has more than 50 years of experience manufacturing high quality material handling equipment to meet the unique needs of businesses in a wide range of industries. They are a leader for durable and versatile edge of dock levelers, lift tables, dockboards and dock plates, platforms and ramps, dock lifts, and more, and everything they produce is proudly made in the USA. With an expert in-house engineering team, Copperloy custom designs and builds equipment tailor-made to each client's specifications. Call 800.321.4968 for more information, or visit