Copy Paradise Presents Hints and Tips for Creating a Business Card That Works


London, UK -- (SBWIRE) -- 04/03/2013 -- Business cards often provide a potential customer with a first impression of a business. Business cards show professionalism and pride in one's work and they help to establish the legitimacy of the business also. "When a company is in need of new business cards, certain tips must be kept in mind to ensure the business card is not only professional, but also portrays the correct image to the potential customer," Akmil Matloob of Copy Paradise explains.

When creating a 400gsm Matt Laminated business card, experts recommend placing the person's most impressive qualification directly under his or her name. Doing so immediately lets the potential customer know what makes this person and his or business different from others. Students attending university should place their university and major under their name. "Often businesses overlook this one thing and yet the rewards of using this tip are immense," Akmil Matloob declares.

Thanks to double sided businesses cards, companies can now share significant accomplishments with potential clients or offer information about networking sites used by the company. One may wish to purchase a web domain for the company to obtain a custom email address. "Customers who use these tips find they bring in more business as the potential customer has the information needed to make an informed decision as to whether or not the company meets their needs," Akmil Matloob continues.

Another tip from experts is to avoid cluttering up the card. Customers want to easily be able to read the business card and pull out the information most of importance to them. If too much information is presented, the customer may throw the card away without even reading it. "Copy Paradise wants each client to have a business card that works. Tips such as these make the design process easier. Once the design is complete, the customer can have the cards printed by taking only four simple steps. The sooner the cards are received, the sooner they can be passed on to customers and provide a business with the exposure needed to grow," Akmil Matloob exclaims.

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