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Copy This Idea Is a Refreshing New Book on the Topic of Business


London, UK -- (SBWIRE) -- 09/27/2013 -- Copy This Idea is a refreshing new book on the topic of business – but with a twist. Instead of business theory and pages of charts and graphs, author Andrew Reynolds invites the reader to actually copy his idea to start a business at home.

“When I was asked to write this book, I remember my publisher saying to me – ‘You’re nothing special, yet you’ve made all this money!!’

And she was right. Andrew Reynolds is nothing special. He’s not some glitzy TV Business Guru or someone whose face you see every other day in the papers. He’s nothing special – he’s just the ordinary kind of bloke you’d meet in the street or in the pub, who keeps himself to himself… who left school with 4 GCE’s – including woodwork and drawing. He stresses that he is not an expert in ‘the world of business’

Reynolds describes himself in the book as “just an ordinary bloke who, bored with his full time job, the commuting in traffic, the bosses I hated and the ‘just getting by each month’… stumbled upon a great way for someone with no business qualifications and no experience, to start and run a business in his spare room at home…and banked well over £50Million!!”

This new book provides a fascinating insight into a home grown business model that has been proven to work not only for Reynolds himself, but also for others who he has shared his business system with who have gone on to each bank over £1million – including an ex DJ, a telemarketing operator, an alarm salesman and a part time musician – all of who had done nothing like this before.

Written in plain down to earth English, rather than ‘business speak’ Copy This Idea is a must read for anyone wanting to follow in the footsteps of someone who has made a huge success out of starting a business at home.

To help you get started faster, the author also provides 3 DVDs which show not only how the money comes in live on screen, but also how the system works, with footage filmed live at London’s O2 Arena during a charity fundraiser event.

The book is available from, WH Smith and other online book retailers or from

Copy This Idea : Author Andrew Reynolds. ISBN 978-1-118-78672-7 Published by John Wiley and Sons Ltd

London, UK
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