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Copywriter Singapore: 3 Reasons Why Powerful Copywriting Is Crucial


Singapore -- (SBWIRE) -- 01/17/2013 -- If you have or are part of, a company here in Singapore then you know how crucial it is to have top-notch marketing and advertising bringing in clients regularly.

Singapore is one of the top 3 most competitive countries in the world, it figures that companies must have the ability to attract new customers and projects or lose out fast.

“Its easy to know when you’ve got powerful copywriting working for your company. In your marketing and advertising materials, this type of copy jumps out of the page and captures attention instantly. It may even get your heart racing a little”, says Idris founder of Persuasion Ink, a copywriting firm in Singapore.

Copywriters who miss the boat and create slipshod sales pages, websites, brochures and advertisements are in fact causing a lot of harm without knowing it.

Limp-wristed copy means the reader never gets to know the full extent of the benefits of the product/service, the company losses clients and lucrative projects, and, everyone is worse off.

Bad copy is a lose-lose situation.

On the flip side when good, persuasive copy is produced, a lot of positives emerge.

Below are just three of them:

Reason 1 – More Brand Awareness

Quality writing infused with an irresistible offer means you’ll get more people onboard your company and not the competition.

The minute people read your business literature they’ll know it is the type of high quality copy associated with your company.

Reason 2 – Increased Enquiries

It goes without saying that with everyone already associating your company with superior quality you’ll drive more enquiries into your hands.

With time, you’ll notice an abundance of enquiries which you would never get with weaker copywriting.

Reason 3 – Lowered Costs

One aspect of copywriting which people overlook is the ability it has to lower marketing costs.

If you think about it, a more effective piece of marketing means you can afford to lower your expense because what you’re putting out is already bringing in windfall profits. - Persuasion Ink is run by arguably one of the top, if not the top direct response copywriter Singapore has. Specializing in persuasive direct response copywriting services which gets results, clients have seen response increase anywhere between 50% to 300%.