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CordLife India Launches Advanced Cord Blood Facility to Become the Largest Blood Bank in India


West Bengal, India -- (SBWIRE) -- 12/18/2012 -- CordLife India, the largest cord blood bank in India has launched new cord blood bank facility. The Advanced Cord Blood Facility with Quality Assurance from CordLife is a facility which stores umbilical cord blood for future use.

The collection, processing and storage of cord blood banking include immediately clamping and cutting the cord after the delivery of a baby. The caregiver then collects the umbilical cord blood by inserting a needle into the cord vein, and drains the same into a blood bag.

Since their inception, CordLife India has established a quality system and proven track record and has emerged as a reliable cord blood banking services provider. Their capability was recognized when their facility in Singapore became the first private cord blood bank in Southeast Asia to be accredited by AABB, the world's gold standard in private cord blood banking.

The winning expertise from Singapore was transferred to other CordLife facilities in Indonesia, Philippines, Hong Kong and now to India. Now, it has attained accreditation and certifications from various organizations and regulators that set standard for efficiency and quality in cord blood banking around the world.

CordLife prides on stringent standards and guarantee that baby's cord blood stem cell unit will be screened, processed and stored according to the strictest international quality assurance program. Transplant physicians are more likely to accept an internationally accredited cord blood unit, compared to a unit which is not.

About CordLife India
CordLife India is the largest and most advanced cord blood bank facility in the country, with a storage capacity of up to 150,000 cord blood units. The state-of-the-art laboratory with full processing, testing and cryopreservation capabilities is equipped with continuous power back-up as well as the most-up-to-date security and surveillance systems. Located in Kolkata and officially launched by Singapore Senior Minister and former Prime Minister Mr Goh Chok Tong, CordLife India is licensed by the Drug Controller General of India to collect cord blood units from all Indian states and cities.

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