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Core Plumbing Explains Its Vision and Business Model via Videos Posted on Its Website and YouTube Channel

San Diego plumber, Core Plumbing, has explained its business rationale and outlined its plumbing services in two videos posted on its website and on YouTube. Each video clip features one of the founders explaining the company's business principles and plumbing operations in the county.


San Diego, CA -- (SBWIRE) -- 09/07/2018 -- Core Plumbing has posted two videos explaining its plumbing business on its website and on YouTube. In these videos, the company's founders discuss the company's history, its founding vision and mission, its plumbing operations, business model, and what sets Core Plumbing apart from other companies in the industry.

The two founders of Core Plumbing have explained their business operations in San Diego on two separate videos posted on the company's website. The clips are also available on the company's YouTube channel. The first video features Don Shoenberger, the company's cofounder who is also the father of the other cofounder. This video was made for the online customer review platform, Yelp, and it's simply titled "Yelp Video." The second clip features Don's son, Grant Shoenberger, who is the other cofounder and the current president of Core Plumbing.

In the first video, Don introduces the company as a family owned, father and son plumbing shop. The company's motto/slogan, "Higher Standards for Better Living," can be seen several times in the background. Don explains that Core Plumbing primarily provides residential plumbing services and repair, as well as remodel plumbing. A small portion of the business deals with new residential construction. According to Don, Core Plumbing is different from other plumbing companies because it is Christ-centered, which is the accountability principle of the company. The cofounder explains that this means that the company is more interested in serving Christ, God, and others — more than making money.

In the second video clip, cofounder Grant states that he founded Core Plumbing over 10 years ago with his father to solve the problems that were affecting the plumbing industry. He laments that most plumbing companies are only interested in marketing their products instead of delivering quality services. Grant insists that his company is committed to treating people well, being honest, and doing quality plumbing work.

They have shared a series of articles about plumbing service and repair, starting with He assures clients that all the technicians in Core Plumbing are highly trained and experienced and the company offers very competitive rates.

About Core Plumbing
Founded over 10 years ago in San Diego, Core Plumbing is a father and son plumbing business that focuses on residential plumbing services and repair. The company is founded on the principles of honesty, integrity, and customer satisfaction. Core Plumbing assures its customers that its technicians will treat its customers' plumbing needs like they treat their own homes. The company has won many industry awards due to its unwavering commitment to excellent service delivery. The company's founders are firmly entrenched in the Christian faith.

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Name: Core Plumbing
Contact: Grant Schoenberger
Address: 12973 Pipilo Ct San Diego CA 92129
Phone: 858-538-6025
Fax: 858-465-7026