Corena Therapeutics Breaks New Ground in Dermatology Industry, with Safe Alternatives to Popular Treatments

Having developed a range of five steroid-free and high-efficiency treatments for hard skin conditions, the Swiss company is working diligently to provide life-changing therapeutic performance without commonly-associated side-effects.


Neuchâtel, Switzerland -- (SBWIRE) -- 05/16/2013 -- With hundreds of millions of people suffering from a range of dermatological conditions ranging from Psoriasis and Dermatitis to Diabetic foot ulcers and fungal infections, the myriad of different treatments often contain dangerous ingredients or risky side-effects. However, thanks to an emerging Swiss dermatological products company, safe alternatives to popular treatments are finally on the horizon.

Cornea Therapeutics® (Corena Therepeutics) has already captured the attention of both physicians and patients with Coresatin®, its latest brand of five steroid-free creams, including a unique and totally safe pediatric formula. Recently launched at Pharmagora Fair in Paris, the range proves that Cornea Therapeutics® (Corena Thereapeutics) is set for a dominant future.

“We offer innovative, safe alternatives to existing treatment options and their efforts focus on designing highly customized products that optimize the therapeutic performance without the undesired side effects,” says a company executive.

Continuing, ““We are excited to launch our first brand Coresatin® and we trust our brand to be successful, case studies showed that we have overwhelming success rate with psoriasis and eczema”

The company’s Swiss-based laboratory has welcomed dermatology experts from around the world to collaborate with their team for the development of both their core philosophies and their products. With development set to continue long into the future, the company is confident it will change the way people treat their skin.

“We’re not out to reinvent the wheel, but we are out to make it safer. We’re diligently working around the clock to product safe alternatives to the world’s most successful treatments and, judging by our initial success, we have struck a literal winning formula,” the company’s executive adds.

The company’s products can currently be found across Europe. For more information, visit:

About Corena Therapeutics
Corena Therapeutics is an emerging company dedicated to the development of novel products that will improve the quality of life in the field of dermatology.

With a unique approach to skin disorders Corena Therapeutics’ mission is to present innovative and safe alternatives to available treatments.

All our efforts focus on designing highly customized products that optimize the therapeutic performance without the undesired side effects.

We collaborate with partners who excel in their area of expertise and recognize the value we bring to the field of dermatology. We believe our innovations will have great impact on improving human health.

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