Corey Grant Founder of 'My Best Agents' Seeks $3,000 in Crowdfunding via Indiegogo to Make an Indellible Mark Across the Globe in the Field of Real Estate


Kaiserslautern, Germany -- (SBWIRE) -- 06/03/2014 -- ‘My Best Agents’ is emerging due to the fact that real estate agents are constantly getting ripped off with advertising and listing prices. Their goal is to make it fair for everyone with less expensive and more efficient strategies.

A constant concern among real estate agents revolves around spending anywhere between $700 and $10000 dollars a month just for advertising locally. All of this unnecessary expenses will come to a complete halt when real estate agents join forces with My Best Agents.

These financial concerns are not just pertinent for real estate agents; they extend to new and experienced home buyers coming into the real estate market from many different areas.

This crowdfunding campaign is to raise money to help the company expand its content to different continents such as: Asia, Africa, Australia, & Europe. The growth of this groundbreaking vision in real estate depends upon the marketing strategy Mr. Grant will be able to deploy upon successful funding of this Indiegogo project. The ultimate goal is to have every piece of property in the world anyone may wish to purchase be covered by a real estate agent.

The business model covers the MLS listing engine, and listings would never be deleted unless a user does it by himself.

All funds raised will be applied towards growth and development as follows:
To acquire the right Technical Experts,
To hire the best Web Designers,
To bring on board great International Brokers,
Get MLS search engine code, and
To Market the entire platform across the globe.

This campaign started on May 25 and will close on July 24, 2014 (11:59pm PT).

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