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Cornerstone & Bio-Comp Dental Labs Featuring Full Contour Zirconia


Huntingdon Valley, PA -- (SBWIRE) -- 12/19/2012 -- Cornerstone and Bio-Comp Dental Labs, a well-known dental lab in Philadelphia, is now featuring the full contour zirconia crown. This product is a growing restoration in the all ceramic department. With the full contour zirconia crown’s esthetics being not only beautiful but functional, dentists are now choosing this restoration. Cornerstone and Bio-Comp Dental Labs is able to produce and mill their own crowns right in the dental lab. Having their own mill in the dental lab allows the turn-around time to be quicker, the control of the product better and the cost of the product down to dentists.

According to this dental laboratory in Philadelphia, the all-ceramic restoration has been on the rise, especially because it is more cost-effective than the other alternatives. With the strength full contour zirconia crowns supply, it is becoming the number one choice for posterior restorations. The cost of alloy will continually grow, but this dental lab in Philadelphia has the option to have a flat rate price with the all ceramic options like a full contour zirconia crown.

This restoration is ideal for bruxers, or grinders. Dentists will choose this full contour zirconia crown for the toughest patients, the ones with an incredibly hard bite, continuous grinding or clenching, this full contour zirconia crown will be resistant to those of this nature. If dentists have any questions or concerns they should feel free to contact this dental lab in Philadelphia.

When it comes to restorations, dentists will no longer have to face the limitations that they experienced in the past when it comes to cost, esthetics, and whether or not the crown can withstand the strong jaw, bite or grinding of a patient. Amongst all the dental labs in Pa., Cornerstone and Bio-Comp Dental Labs will be one that a client can trust for the best services and technicians when it comes to finding an all-ceramic department.

To hear more, please contact Cornerstone & Bio-Comp Dental Labs at 800-405-7612 or visit them on the web at for more information.