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Cornerstone & Bio-Comp Dental Labs Now Creating Emax All Porcelain Dental Crowns


Huntingdon Valley, PA -- (SBWIRE) -- 12/05/2013 -- Implementing some of the most innovative and technologically advanced dental machinery and equipment into their labs, Cornerstone & Bio-Comp Dental Labs is pleased to announce they will now be creating Emax all porcelain dental crowns for their clients. Emax all porcelain crowns serve as an alternative for porcelain fused to metal (PFM) crowns.

When a dentist sends impressions or digital scans to the professionals at Cornerstone & Bio-Comp Dental Labs, they will get to work on creating a high-quality crown that will be a perfect fit for the mouth of the patient. The advanced technology and software used by the lab can accurately and efficiently mold the crown into the ideal shape and size for optimal comfort and longevity. Whether the patient wishes to have their crowns be monolithic (full contour) or veneered, the Emax crowns provide the patient with a choice and the mold will not compromise or interfere with the other teeth. Emax crowns have been thoroughly tested for durability and optimized for long-lasting strength, as they are made with a glass ceramic material containing lithium disilicate.

As dentists make the decision to partner with dental labs for their restorations, they will be excited to know that Emax offers dentists a flat fee. Utilizing the esthetics and strength of Emax crowns, there is no longer the need to stress about limitations to the cost or risks when it comes to the strength. These crowns are highly effective when it comes to comparing them with PFM’s or alloys, and they serve a more natural fit. With their glass ceramic structure, dentists now have the ability to make the crown blend with the existing teeth by matching the color.

In addition to the Emax all porcelain crowns, Cornerstone & Bio-Comp Dental Labs will create a variety of other dental crown restorations, from dentures to partial dentures to FDA approved alloys. The professionals strive to work efficiently and hand-in-hand with dentistry’s, providing them with top-notch crowns and equipment for their patients.

For more information about their Emax all porcelain dental crowns, or to inquire on their innovative oral scanners, please call 800-405-7612 or visit their website today.

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