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Cornerstone & Bio-Comp Dental Labs Offering New CAD/Cam Designs


Huntingdon Valley, PA -- (SBWIRE) -- 07/24/2013 -- Cornerstone & Bio-Comp Dental Labs has revolutionized the dental implant process to create great success with the complicated process of dental implants. At Cornerstone Dental, the parts and tools that they need for a patient’s dental implant restoration is the impression, impression coping and/or analog. With these parts included, people no longer have to have the extra burden of ordering dental implant parts that they need to custom cast or customize the stock version abutment, they are able to create their own designed dental implant abutment just from the analog and impression coping. Cornerstone wants to cut costs down on dental implant invoices. They don’t want clients to have to pay several different vendors when they can be a client’s one stop shop for dental implants. The professionals at Cornerstone are able to design most dental implant companies’ abutments in the choice of material whether it be titanium or zirconia. With Cornerstone & Bio-Comp Dental Labs new CAD/Cam designs, they have unlimited design abilities and opportunities for dental implants.

Unlike many other dental laboratories, Cornerstone is able to discuss the process and send screen shots to a client for approval and suggestion as well. They take pride in having any client a part of the dental implant design process, to fit their needs.

Cornerstone is consistently checking to see what new dental implants they are able to discover and design to make sure that they are up on the new and upcoming companies and designs of dental implant abutments. Cornerstone wants to be able to make it easier for the dentist and the patient and have the most simple, easy, and effective placement of the dental implant. They want to make sure that the affordability and comfort comes first to the patient and to the dentist. With the new CAD/CAM designed dental implants in association with the up and coming all porcelain restorations, Cornerstone Dental is able to offer a flat fee dental implant because they aren’t depending on the variable of dental implant company costs of abutments or the ever growing cost of alloy.

Cornerstone wants to assist in a client’s discovery of the CAD/CAM dental implant systems they have available. To hear more, please contact Cornerstone Dental Labs at 800-405-7612 or visit their website for more information.

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