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Cornerstone Bio-Comp Enterprise, Inc. Offering Flexible Partial Denture Sales


Bristol, PA -- (SBWIRE) -- 01/23/2020 -- Cornerstone Bio-Comp Enterprise, Inc. is available to guide all dental offices that are considering prescribing a flexible, removable partial denture to one of their current patients. As a full-service denture lab located in Bucks County, PA, Cornerstone Bio-Comp Enterprise, Inc. offers extensive choices, which empowers doctors to make the best possible treatment decisions for their patients. Flexible Partial Dentures have come a long way and can be fabricated with a variety of different materials to satisfy patient treatment goals, budget, and comfort.

What is a Flexible Partial Denture? Let's break it down. A Flexible Partial Denture is a removable prosthetic that is used as a temporary or permanent replacement for missing teeth. Made from super flexible polyamides, these resins are sturdy, long-lasting, and durable. They offer several advantages over stiff, acrylic plastic resins, such as providing a realistic look and feeling very similar to natural gum tissue. Instead of relying on metal clasps that may feel or look unnatural in a patient's mouth, Flexible RDP's have thin extensions that hook into the concavities of teeth near the gum line, which provides patients with an aesthetic and comfortable solution.

"The benefits of flexible partial dentures are endless. They're smaller, light, easy to work with, and provide a more natural look for patients who are wary of having metal in their mouths. Most patients think that repairs will be difficult – but they are straightforward to add and fix as needed." - Jay Collins, Chief Executive Officer, Cornerstone Bio-Comp Enterprise, Inc.

To welcome the new year, Cornerstone Bio-Comp Enterprise, Inc. is offering clients exceptional value by discounting their top three selections for Flexible Partial Dentures.

Snow Rock - $250.00
Repairable, reliable, easy chair-side adjustments with occlusal rest. Package includes set-up, finish, and teeth.

Lucitone FRS - $210.00
Sturdy, dependable, stain-resistant with clear shade. Package includes set-up, finish, and teeth.

Valplast - $185.00
Economical, ideal for nesbits, and temporary implant solutions. Package includes set-up, finish, and teeth.

No matter what patients need, Cornerstone Bio-Comp Enterprise, Inc. has the right solution on hand. Contact Dave Grove, Director of Sales, via phone at 800-405-7612 or email:, with all questions and inquiries about denture sales and denture repairs in Bucks County, PA.

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