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Cornerstone Dental Labs Announces New Special on Dental Surgical Guides


Huntingdon Valley, PA -- (SBWIRE) -- 02/08/2016 -- Cornerstone Dental Labs, a Montgomery County, PA-based dental lab, is now offering their surgical guides for $25.00 off. The company is a 360imagingĀ® certified lab and offers their advanced 360GuidesĀ® to all of their clients. These innovative guides are customized to help ensure safety, reduce implant costs and surgery time, as well as produce outstanding aesthetic results. Dentists who would like to learn more about Cornerstone Dental Labs surgical guides, or take advantage of this special offer, can dial 800-405-7612, or visit their website,, and fill out a contact form.

In addition to announcing this great special, Cornerstone Dental Labs would also like to let everyone know that they are slated to attend the 151st Chicago Dental Society (DCS) Midwinter Meeting. This year's event takes place the last weekend in February, and the Cornerstone team is more than excited to attend. In fact, their team looks forward to making some new friends, meeting other leaders in the industry, and learning all that they can about any new trends or developments in the dentistry industry.

The professionals at Cornerstone Dental Labs take great pride in the work that they do and always work hard to guarantee that their clients are satisfied with their products and services. The company even has the ability to offer their clients customizable payment plans in the event that they are unable to acquire the funds needed to pay for implants, crowns, etc., immediately. Last, but not least, the company only uses the most state-of-the-art technology available on the market.

When looking for dental implant companies in the Greater Philadelphia area that offer superior services, e.Max crowns, high-quality implants, and much more, look no further than Cornerstone Dental Labs this winter. To learn more about the company and what they can do, please visit their website today.

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