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Cornerstone Dental Labs Offering Customizable Payment Options to Dentists Who Have a High Number of Patients with Medicaid


Huntingdon Valley, PA -- (SBWIRE) -- 08/27/2015 -- With Medicaid already covering dental services for those under the age of 21, and some states slowly choosing to allow adults to use Medicaid for dental work, dentists may find it difficult to meet the needs of these types of patients. The fact of the matter is, Medicaid is often slower at reimbursing dentists for the materials they use on patients with this type of coverage, so acquiring the funds to pay for implants, crowns and/or removables is challenging. To help dentists who have a high influx of patients with Medicaid, Cornerstone Dental Labs is pleased to announce that they can create customizable payment plans.

By partnering with Cornerstone Dental Labs, dentists will no longer have to turn away adult patients with Medicaid. What's more, because dental services are covered for children with Medicaid—and dentists cannot turn them away—Cornerstone Dental Labs' customizable payment plans will prove ideal. To learn about how this dental lab can help accommodate dentists with a large amount of patients with Medicare, call 1-800-405-7612.

Those who choose Cornerstone Dental Labs over other dental implant companies will find that the company places a high emphasis on customer service. Furthermore, there is hardly ever a time where they will be unable to work with a client to give them what they need to keep a patient happy. In fact, this is why they choose to offer customizable payment plans to dentists who are unable to provide the funds to pay for implants, crowns, etc., immediately.

The professionals at Cornerstone Dental Labs take extreme pride in their work and use all of the latest technology available in their industry. They also work hard to get all work completed on time and without any error. To learn more about this renowned company, please visit their website,

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