Coronavirus: Chinese Students Send Cryptic Messages over Social Media Platform Trading Pizzas with Virtual Currency


Copenhagen, Denmark -- (SBWIRE) -- 04/23/2020 -- Reports say that hundreds of thousands of Chinese used Loopia network the decentralized social network to send secret messages to one and other amidst the coronavirus lockdown and to find other people such as friends and family members and those that were trapped in the lockdown by using the location feature integrated.

shortly afterwards rumors surfaced which stated students used it to secretly order pizzas from underground pizza delivery services by paying with the integrated currency loop or LPN and other currencies.

The convenient soon to be a fully decentralized social network created by multi tech entreprenaur Kristinn Spence from Iceland.

Who already got the coronavirus himself and generated a strong antibody response afterwards started another company called AEgisson Biotech focused on coronavirus products and assistance and is opening a helpline in the coming weeks for coronavirus survivors and those who are sick or need information about the virus.

The platform Loopia network has been running for almost 2 years but took a sharp uprising when the coronavirus surfaced and people needed a platform to relay messages back and forth in the lockdown and a currency that was not centralized.

Underground pizza delivery services and other food delivery services surfaced on the platform offering to deliver pizzas in the lockdown and promised swift delivery and full discretion in exchange for the currency on site and regular payments.

Loopia network and the team behind it was unaware of the usage of the platform but after being pointed out by a user that the platform was being used for possibly risky pizza transactions and the currency on the platform was being used to make untraceable pizza deals around the world released a statement stating that "We do not advocate any illicit activity on our platform.

We have been made aware of members profiting with our platform by starting food delivery services amidst the lockdown and operating on a gray area legally and we ask everyone to comply with their countries laws and we do not take any responsibility for users actions.

Lastly we do not support illegal pizza deliveries."

After the official statement thousands of people allegedly left the social network enraged by the response of the company.

Loopia network is rumored to have collected a hefty sum from investors and is planning big developments in the coming months under the leadership of Kristinn Spence.

Kristinn Spence previously Kristinn Ægir Ægisson the former municipality candidate from Iceland and founder of AEgisson Biotech and other companies hoping to sell custom high quality masks to the public confirmed he already got the Coronavirus and developed antibodies and immunity and says he does not believe that you don't develop antibodies as with every other virus in existence like some experts are claiming and he is the living proof for that.

He says that it might also have to do with the second re-infectation of the corona virus that he got along with getting a Hantavirus infection at the same time so it is possible that the viruses somehow merged or fought internally but for a time having both viruses took a toll on the immune system and for a few days things looked grim but it is known for the immune system to work wonders when pushed to the extreme limits and when it is fighting for survival and that may have been what made Kristinn develop these antibodies to the coronavirus but what was strange was that there were also antibodies for anthrax in his blood which is highly unusual considering it is not common within Europe and when you have not been in contact with any possible contaminated dairy or meat said Kristinn which is a vegetarian.

For a few days things looked extremely dim and

Kristinn could not even stand up or eat and the sickness was active for more than 3 weeks in total but after 2 weeks the symptoms started to subside and the body to heal and Kristinn said he felt hunger like never before and the cause was probably because the body needed extra nutrition to heal.

Now a few weeks later everything physically recovered Kristinn says that after surviving this horrific experience he is taking it easy from business and public life and going to focus on living in the now and is starting a non profit organization.

Kristinn said that even at one point he sent an email to the doctors in Iceland in case he died to clarify that he would not under any circumstances want to donate his organs and to make sure that no person could overrule that he clarified he has no next of kin or a close relative and as he does take a strong stance against organ donations no one should be able to overrule that and this is needed to clarify because you automatically consent to having your organs harvested in Iceland if you do not state otherwise so he wanted to make sure everything was clear just in case he would not make it and the distress was so much that he actually believed he could have died from the combined sickness but luckily the immune system barely pulled through and he made a swift recovery.

Kristinn Spence said that Indíana Ásmundardottir the mother of his child suddenly tried to contact him after the virus hit him although they have not been on speaking terms for a long time and completely severed ties years ago and for a strange enough reason accused him of having "hacked into her brand new computer" sounding delirious and asked if he could see all the messages she had sent asking mysterious and hysterically paranoid sounding questions.

The family has not been on good terms with Kristinn throughout the years and have been accused of fabricating stories to weigh on his character.

A close friend of the family even said that Kristín on the mothers side wished he would drop dead.

Russian analysts say that the platform is posed to grow.

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Loopia network is a decentralized platform aimed at the future of social networking and creating the next level of social networks available to the public.

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