CoRover Launches the New App to Connect with Co-Passengers


Bangalore, India -- (SBWIRE) -- 08/31/2016 -- CoRover is the newly launched app that is developed in an attempt to make journeys more exciting for the passengers. The app is basically a social networking platform that will allow the passengers travelling together in a bus, train or flight to communicate and connect with each other for making the journeys a joyful experience.

Using the CoRover app, the users will be able to make friends while travelling and help each other in enjoying the journey even more. They'll get to know who other passengers are travelling with them and interact with them in a group chat or in private conversation. To ensure the safety and security of the users, the app also features a privacy feature which they can use to configure whether they want to allow group messages, private messages or chat notifications.

The app is a social platform for travellers, especially those who travel solo and need a companion to make their journey more enjoyable and anyone else who's looking to make some new friends, know people from other places or culture to broaden their social circle.

The app also allows the user to remove from a group or trip. If the individual does not match the description or information provided, they can be banned/blocked by other users and after 2 bans (block requests), they'll be removed from the group. The bans or block request can only be made by users of the app.

CoRover is highly useful during a trip when the users need to share books, taxi, medicines, music, movies, knowledge, news and any other information during a trip. They can search the app and connect with doctor, palmist, physiotherapist, someone to talk to or play with, someone to take advice from or exchange seats with, someone to hang out with while travelling.

This app may also help find a thief, say in a train if someone sees a thief running after snatching any valuable item, he/she can click the pics and share the pic with the group (people travelling in the same train).

Moreover, users can connect in this ad-free app before, during and after the travel. It is a free app and available in Google Play and Apple App Store.

For suggestions/comments/complaints/issues/feedback/queries users can drop a mail at

Contact Details:
Company: CoRover
Email: email@CoRover.Mobi
Phone: +91-9731037138
Country: India