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Atlanta, GA -- (SBWIRE) -- 02/14/2013 -- CorpGenie Corporation is proud to announce that their flagship software “CorpGenie” is now live and ready for use by customers. Since their companies first launch, CorpGenie have been leading the way in innovative technology. All of their solutions have a unique principle to aid businesses and individuals in their daily lives. Now, their latest software launch, aims to help small to large sized businesses take advantage of a simple solution that is powerful in nature. The software effectively allows users to make compelling, engaging and powerful digital presentations on the fly, without having to worry about complex code that's hard to deal with, or expensive to code. In a nutshell, CorpGenie's main purpose is to help businesses increase their marketing efforts. CorpGenie also supports multi-languages to support the global needs of users. Some of the initial key points of the software allow businesses to create, and take advantage of:

- Sales & Marketing Presentations and Slideshows
- Product Demos and Interactive Catalogs
- Tradeshow Displays and Digital Signage's
- E-Courses, Educational and Training Slides
- Online Banner Ads & Website Animations
- Online, Unicast and Contextual Ads
- Flash Resumes & Digital Portfolios
- Instant Websites, Interactive Webpage Headers & Flash Intros

Additionally, CorpGenie has been developed on a new revolutionary platform which allows co-workers and employee's the ability to seamlessly work together online. There is no software to download. To access CorpGenie, users simply need a browser and an internet connection. From there, users can edit their presentations, share their documents or make enhancements to the overall document that they are working on. CorpGenie users can also share and access the presentations that have been created with the software both online and offline, through both PC devices and mobile devices (such as Android and iPhone). The offline mobile features allow the user to take the created presentations wherever they go, even when there is no internet connection. Once a CorpGenie documents has been created, users can also set a password for the documents to keep them secure from unauthorized access.

Commenting, Joe Koottappilly, CEO of CorpGenie said, "We have developed CorpGenie to seamlessly integrate into a business. With the recent technological advancements in the world, less and less companies are relying on CD's, DVD's and software downloads. Instead, the majority of new software that's developed now is all online, and that's exactly what we wanted to achieve with CorpGenie."

"Users of CorpGenie can simply logon to the CorpGenie system, and begin editing their files, or create new ones. The documents are available around the clock, 365-days a week. We have also made it so that CorpGenie users can include powerful text, pictures, imagery, HD videos, shapes, audio documents and lots more in their presentations. The world is moving forward quickly, and it's imperative that businesses keep up with the world of marketing. To say the least, CorpGenie gives businesses the opportunity to keep up with the new generation of internet marketing and advertising."

Another revolutionary part of the CorpGenie software, is that businesses can track all of the visits to their software. Through using a unique proprietary tracking analysis system, owners of CorpGenie products will be able to see what their visitors do, how they interact with the productions and what improvements need to be made.

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